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Of all the things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, picking a custom greeting when one of your villagers asks for one may be one of the hardest. After all, that’s why you Googled “animal crossing new horizons villager greeting ideas,” isn’t it? Yeah, we see you — there’s no shame in that! Sometimes our creative muscle just stops working. Instead of struggling for hours to come up with something witty or funny or just decent for your favorite villager to say, take a look at our ever-growing list of villager greeting ideas! We’ve sorted it alphabetically for you, plus we’ve tagged each greeting with an ideal personality (Normal, Snooty, Peppy, Sisterly, Lazy, Cranky, Jock, and Smug) it matches! Of course, you can use whatever greeting you want, but these are the personalities we thought made most sense with each greeting.

Take a look at our collection of greeting ideas and see if one calls out to you. If you don’t like any, hopefully these will help inspire you to come up with your perfect one! And if you like these, and are struggling to come up with good catchphrases for your villagers, as well, we have a villager catchphrase idea list, too!

Have your own ideas you want added to the list? Email them to us and we’ll add ones we like!


List of villager greeting ideas


GreetingIdeal Personality
Another autograph?Snooty
Ay, caramba!Jock
Be sure to subscribe!Peppy
Beauty before age.Snooty
BEHIND YOU! Just kidding!Peppy
Ça va?Snooty
Can't stop, won't stop!Peppy
C'est la vieSnooty
Charmed, I'm sure.Snooty
Check me out!Jock
Check out these abs!Jock
Check out these delts!Jock
C'mon, step it up!Jock
Comme une rose.Snooty
Crush it with your inner thighs!Jock
Crushed it!Jock
Don't get cooked!Peppy
Don't have a cow, man!Jock
Don't mind the sweat.Jock
Down low!Jock
Drop your hips! Reach for the sky!Jock
Eat my shorts!Jock
F is for friends!Peppy
Feel the burn?Jock
Fist bump!Jock
Follow me on social!Peppy
Fus Ro Dah!Jock
Get a job!Cranky
Get off my lawn!Cranky
Get over here!Sisterly
Good to see ya!Smug
Gotta go fast!Jock
Greetings, kupo.Peppy
Grumble, grumble...Cranky
Happy day!Normal
Happy happy time!Peppy
Have you seen my mop?Normal
Heeey, it's my best bud!Jock
Hehe! Yoink!Peppy
Hello, Old Sport!Smug
Hey! Listen!Peppy
Hey, beautiful.Sisterly
Hey, handsome.Sisterly
Hey, heartbreaker.Sisterly
Hey, hey, hey!Peppy
Hey, kiddo.Sisterly
Hey, partner.Smug
Hi, I'm Daisy!Peppy
Hi, sweetie!Normal
High energy, move that body!Jock
High five!Jock
Hola, amigo.Smug
Hot stuff, coming through!Smug
How goes it?Smug
How'd I get here…?Lazy
How's it hangin'?Jock
I am an incredible genius.Smug
I like shorts!Lazy
I see you have taste.Snooty
I'm really feeling it!Smug
I'm so happy to see you!Normal
I'm too old for this...Cranky
I'm walkin' here!Cranky
Is it idle chit-chat time already?Snooty
Is that food I smell?Lazy
It's ya boy!Smug
Kept you waiting, huh?Smug
Kiss the ring.Smug
Let's get fired up!Jock
Let's get those gains!Jock
Let's go! Kneecaps!Jock
Let's tone up those legs!Jock
Like, share, and follow!Peppy
Little bro!Sisterly
Little sis!Sisterly
Looking cool!Smug
Looking divine! Me, I mean.Snooty
Looking FAB!Peppy
Looking fresh!Peppy
Looking gorgeous!Snooty
Looking sharp!Smug
Lovely day!Normal
Lovely, aren't I?Snooty
Make this quick.Snooty
Mamma mia!Smug
May the Force be with you.Smug
Miss me, baby?Smug
Mmm, donuts...Lazy
Move over, Marshal.Smug
Move over, Raymond.Smug
Must you be so loud?Snooty
My body is ready!Jock
My man!Jock
Nice weather, huh?Normal
No hesitation!Jock
Now it's Shulk time!Smug
Oh, hamburgers!Normal
Oh, hello, peasant.Snooty
Oh, it's you!Normal
Oh, look. The circus has arrived.Cranky
Oh, you again...Snooty
OMG HI!Peppy
Pop star, coming through!Peppy
Pound it!Jock
Push-up contest! Let's go!Jock
Qué pasa?Smug
Really? Right now?Sisterly
Release the hounds!Cranky
Respect ma authoritah!Cranky
Say fuzzy pickles!Smug
Show me your moves!Jock
Slow down a minute!Cranky
Snack time!Lazy
So… sleepy…Lazy
Squeeze the day!Peppy
Stay fresh!Peppy
Stay off the hook!Peppy
Such a nice day.Normal
Sun's out, guns out!Jock
'Sup, bro?Jock
'Sup, gorgeous?Smug
'Sup, homeslice!Peppy
That's like, your opinion...Lazy
The bugs… hunger!Lazy
The Dude abides.Lazy
There's my favorite human!Smug
There's my pal!Smug
Think you're tough?Sisterly
Thought I smelt ya!Lazy
Time to tip the scales!Smug
Tuck in those glutes!Jock
Wanna see my glutes?Jock
We meet again, Mr. Bond.Smug
Well, excuuuuse me, princess!Smug
Well, well, well...Smug
Whaddya want?Cranky
What a beautiful day.Normal
What is it?!Cranky
What's fluff'n?Sisterly
What's poppin'?Peppy
What's the hot goss?Snooty
What's up, bruh?Lazy
What's up, my man?Jock
What's up?Jock
What's your story?Sisterly
When's dinner?Lazy
Why, hello, dear.Snooty
Yeah! Woo!Smug
Yes, darling?Snooty
Yes, you may stare.Snooty
You again?Cranky
You got any snacks?Lazy
You lift?Jock
You look like you need a hug.Smug
You smell that?Lazy
Your muscles look so happy!Jock
Your sweat is so shiny and beautiful!Jock
You're back!Normal
You're too slow!Jock
Take care of yourself, pretty baby.Smug
The bugs say hi!Lazy
Celebrity here!Peppy
Hit that subscribe button!Peppy
Race ya!Sisterly
Bet ya can't catch me!Sisterly
Race around the island!Jock
Pull-up contest? What? Now?Jock
That's what you're wearing?Snooty
Is it lunchtime yet?Lazy
Where'd this stain come from...?Lazy
I declare a thumb war!Sisterly
OH. EM. GEE.Peppy
Like, HAI!Peppy
My favorite guy!Smug
My favorite gal!Smug
Why are you so loud...Cranky
Oh, great...Cranky
For real?!Jock


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