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Review: Daemon X Machina

Author: Jaxson Tapp
Categories: Reviews, Switch

It’s not often that a game’s marketing can get you single-handedly interested in an entire genre, but thanks to my anticipation for Daemon X Machina, I’ve spent the better part of 2019 thinking about big robots. Ever since playing the initial demo back in February, I’ve just been wanting more…

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Review: Risk of Rain 2

Categories: Reviews, Switch

Arguably the best part of roguelikes is when you’ve finally collected enough loot to achieve god-like status, obliterating everything in your path like a hurricane without even trying. The first Risk of Rain, a sci-fi roguelike defined by potent power-ups and an ever-escalating difficulty, was particularly great at evoking that…

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SNK teams up with NASA for a Metal Slug jacket

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News, Switch

Move over Smash, SNK is already going for another cross-over no-one saw coming. As announced via the company’s Japanese Twitter account, SNK will be teaming up with NASA for a new jacket based on the Metal Slug franchise. The front features the iconic NASA logo and a rather existential quote…

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Review: Untitled Goose Game

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Featured, Reviews, Switch

In a world of sequels and spinoffs and inspired bys, it’s always a treat playing something that captures a one-of-a-kind feel. As far as concepts go, Untitled Goose Game does just that, and does so with pride. You take on the role of a goose, just a goose, out and…

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