Nintendo sues Yuzu emulator creators for potentially circumventing software encryption

Categories: News, Switch, Switch 2

As reported by Stephen Totilo on Twitter, it looks as if Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against the Yuzu emulator creators, Team Yuzu, alleging that their technology “illegally circumvents Nintendo’s software encryption” and potentially “facilitates piracy.” As with previous lawsuits against cheat makers, Nintendo is seeking damages against the company…

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Pokémon TCG Pocket to Make Virtual Cards Immersive

Author: Lucas White
Categories: News, Mobile

Sometime this year, a new take on the Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming to mobile platforms. Revealed during the February 27 Pokemon Presents event, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is not only putting the classic card game in a(nother) digital format, it’s reimagining what the individual cards can look…

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Dragonite Squishmallow Leaked – Coming Soon

Categories: News, Merchandise

With Squishmallows becoming something of a rage these days, it’s no surprise to see Pokémon getting plumped for some love. We’ve already seen plenty of previous Pokémon Squishmallows, but this fat, chunky little Dragonite looks precious. He’s so fat and round and cute. Don’t you just want to hug him?…

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