Nintendo Wire was built from the ground up by a team of passionate journalists, lifelong gamers, and creative writers. A lot of pixelated heart and a whole bunch of soul went into its creation.

The very idea of Nintendo Wire blossomed from two peoples’ independent personal endeavors, Amiibo News and Amiibo Inquirer. After setting off on different ventures, they came together through shared devotions for Nintendo with the intent to bring a sense of truth and quality to the gaming journalism world. Nintendo itself produces colorful, clean and crisp games, and the Nintendo Wire team set out on a mission to represent a similar professional — yet fun — image through quality writing and design.

We want you, fellow gamers and our readers, to always know that gaming isn’t just a hobby in our eyes — it’s a way of living. We take gaming seriously, we take reporting seriously, and we take you seriously. Bring those three awesome things together, and you’ve got Nintendo Wire.

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