Update: Niantic expands PokéCoin testing to more countries

Categories: Mobile, News

Earlier this year, Niantic began to experiment with Pokémon GO’s premium currency, PokéCoins. Available to purchase with real-world money, PokéCoins could also be earned by defending Gyms. There are limitations with this (maximum of 50 PokéCoins earned per day) and PokéCoins wouldn’t be earned until your Pokémon was knocked out…

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Re-ment reveals new sea-themed Pokémon diorama sets

Categories: Merchandise, News

Scuba diving isn’t for everyone, but the wondrous (fictional) creatures of the sea can be examined up close and personal without getting the bends thanks to these new Kirameki no Umi (“Glittering Sea”) Pokémon dioramas. These light blue sets fit together in a variety of combinations featuring six individual types,…

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Review – Paper Mario: The Origami King

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Reviews, Switch

For the 20 years since its debut, the Paper Mario series has changed itself multiple times and become something of an anomaly in the plumber’s history. Initially a simple RPG with a unique art style, it would go on to embrace and expand on those roots with unique (particularly for…

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