Star Fox 2 creators reminisce as the game finally gets a release date

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: Retro

There are plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes stories from Nintendo but few are quite as legendary as the what-could-have-been saga surrounding Star Fox 2. Essentially completed back in the mid ’90s, the follow-up was shelved after the Sega Saturn and PlayStation were unveiled, making the SNES’ 3D solution look somewhat antiquated…

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Review: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Categories: Reviews, Switch

From Shovel Knight and Wonder Boy to the Blue Blur’s triumphant return to blast processing, Nintendo’s new portable console is quickly becoming the go-to place for gaming’s most hallowed mascots and fans of old school platforming. Not to be left in the dust, the pharaoh of this retro renaissance, WayForward,…

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Build your own Ever Oasis

Categories: Merchandise

Ever Oasis was released this past Friday for the 3DS and if you find yourself smitten with the game then you’ll want to see what Play Nintendo has! Similar to amiibo dioramas, a free papercraft activity of building your own oasis with various characters from the game is available. All…

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