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New shirts arrive in Pokémon GO’s Style Shop

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: Mobile, News

To celebrate the Pokémon Shirts online service now offering patterns based on Pokémon: Gold and Silver, four new shirts are available in the Pokémon GO Style Shop. They feature Ledyba, Skiploom, Smoochum, and Unown — have a look! Each shirt will cost you 200 Pokécoins. If you’re looking for a…

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Ninjala gets its first big gameplay trailer

Categories: News, Switch

Are you hungry for some Ninjala action? Then check out the game’s first gameplay reveal trailer, hot on the heels of the brief glimpse we got during the Nintendo Direct Mini. In the video, you’ll get a taste of the thrilling ninja hijinks that are to be had when Ninjala…

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