Rocket League’s new Fortnite crossover, Llama-Rama, coming September 26th

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How do you do, fellow kids? Uhh… so I hear this “Fortnite” game is pretty darn popular. It’s got shooting, dancing, and presumably… other things? Like llamas, I suppose? They must be a thing, because the similarly mega-popular-on-streaming-services Rocket League is hosting a Fortnite crossover promotion known as “Llama-Rama,” launching…

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UPDATE: Pokémon Center X Bear Walker Series 2 skateboards sells out, more stock available on September 29th

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UPDATE: Today’s Pokémon Center x Bear Walker Series 2 skateboard release saw all five boards sell out within the hour. (As of this posting, the wall mount accessory is still in stock and available to purchase.) According to Poké, you’ll have another chance at purchasing Mew, Rayquaza, Toxtricity, Umbreon, or…

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