Armored Mewtwo will only appear in Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Author: Logan Plant
Categories: News

CoroCoro has revealed more information about the upcoming film Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. New details about Armored Mewtwo confirm that the armor’s purpose is to suppress Mewtwo’s power, and that the armor’s appearance is exclusive to the movie. This info has squashed any hope that we might get to see…

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Dragalia Lost’s new Summon Showcase is Beauty in Motion

Author: Jaxson Tapp
Categories: Mobile, News

With Dragalia Lost’s Fire Emblem crossover now over, it’s time for a new Summon Showcase. This new Showcase, Beauty in Motion, features Dragalia’s first alternate version of an existing character not to be exclusive to their initial summoning event with the brand-new Beautician Zardin. Having given up his traditional sword…

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Super Mario Maker 2 Direct coming tomorrow (5/15)

Categories: News, Switch

As E3 quickly grows closer, we’ve all been anticipating what’s to come during the presentation in June. Nintendo isn’t exactly waiting until then to share some news though! The company’s just announced that a Super Mario Maker 2 Direct will take place tomorrow. Considering the game will be releasing just…

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Review – Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Categories: Reviews

When I was a kid, I used to imagine with the absolute wonder of a young boy what the world would look like if Pokémon were real. This thought was persistent, always sticking at the back of my mind because if I knew one thing, I knew it would be…

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