Reflection: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on the 3DS

Author: Logan Plant
Categories: 3DS, Retro

Since the first Ace Attorney launched on the Game Boy Advance back in 2001, Nintendo handhelds have been the home for every one of Capcom’s new lawyering adventures. North America saw four mainline entries hit the Nintendo DS: the Phoenix Wright trilogy and its followup game, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney….

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eShop Update: Week of 8/10/17 (North America)

Categories: 3DS, Retro, Switch, Wii U

This week in the Nintendo eShop: Sonic takes us back to the future, Phantom Trigger delights with its pretty pixels, and the Galactic Federation retires from hunting Space Pirates to paint things with their butts. Switch sales continue to trickle in this week with the ever Graceful Explosion Machine marked…

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Monster Hunter Stories demo releases today

Categories: 3DS, News, Switch

UPDATE: The Monster Hunter Stories demo is now live in the North American 3DS eShop. Have fun, folks! Less than a month away from its release date, a demo for Monster Hunter Stories is out in Europe and will be available later today on the 3DS for US players. Nintendo…

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Nintendo Wiretap (8/9/17)

  Welcome to the Nintendo Wiretap! Each day the team here at Nintendo Wire works tirelessly to bring you the best, most relevant late-breaking Nintendo news this side of the Mushroom Kingdom. To help make ingesting all these meaty stories easier than Kirby hopped up on Miracle Fruit, we’ve compiled…

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