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More Pokémon films available on Pokémon TV

Categories: News

Please note: We’ve updated the content below with new information. Additional movies have joined the lineup on Pokémon TV since this article’s original publish date. The Pokémon Company has added more movies onto its Pokémon TV streaming platform! Shared on the official Pokémon Twitter account, there are two more movies…

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New info revealed about Streets of Rage 4 development

Author: Caleb Mina
Categories: News, Switch

Streets of Rage 4 is out now, but that hasn’t stopped new information regarding its development from coming out: according to DualShockers, Streets of Rage 4 almost saw Joe Musashi from Sega’s Shinobi as a playable character. This info was revealed during a livestream interview with Guard Crush, the developers…

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