Review: Baba is You on Switch

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Reviews, Switch

Lately, ‘puzzle game’ has meant falling blocks, what with the likes of Tetris, Puyo Puyo, and Lumines populating the Switch. For others it’s something more like the Layton games, where a gentleman leaves none undone. All of these have lit up my neurons one way or another — but now…

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Funko announces Charmander Pop release for May

Author: Lauren Musni
Categories: Merchandise, News

You can pre-order the Charmander Pop on Amazon for $10.99 Funko has already graced the collector world with familiar faces like Pikachu and Bulbasaur in their ever popular Pop toy line — and it looks as though the hype train for the figures isn’t stopping anytime soon!   Coming Soon:…

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Persona Q2 gets an English story trailer

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: 3DS, News

Back in January, Atlus USA announced that Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth would be heading to 3DS systems across North America and Europe this June. Now, we’ve got a look at some gameplay from the localized version, showing key story beats and some combat. Check it out:     This…

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Physical release of The Messenger coming soon

Author: Logan Plant
Categories: News, Switch

The Messenger is next in a line of beloved Nintendo Switch indies to get a limited physical release! Available only through Special Reserve Games, the pre-orders for the Switch (or PlayStation 4, if you’re into that) version go live on March 19th, with the game shipping out in June. Pick…

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