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The N64 almost had a second screen on its controller

Categories: News, Retro

Nintendo console prototypes have a way of slinking into future designs — for example, the 3DS wasn’t the company’s first foray into attempted 3D, as the GameCube was going to feature that functionality (and, well, there was the Virtual Boy too…), but who would have thought that the Wii U’s…

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A toast to Super Smash Bros. on its 21st birthday

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: News, Retro, Switch

As Nintendo fans we’re no strangers to celebrating milestones — Super Mario Bros. is going to be 35 this year after all, with many more characters and titles having significant anniversaries just out of sight. Yet today marks a celebration of a celebration, as it’s the 21st anniversary of a…

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PowerA to release Animal Crossing-themed Switch controllers

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News, Switch

PowerA has released a number of third party Switch controllers with official licenses from some of the platforms biggest games, and next up seems to be Animal Crossing. As reported by Nintend’Alerts, the French retailer Fnac has listings for PowerA controllers with images of K.K. Slider and Timmy & Tommy…

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Castlevania Season 3 gets first official art poster

Author: Caleb Mina
Categories: News

There are bombastic ways to reveal information, and then there are subtle ways. Netflix’s Castlevania has finally received an update, via the latter method, regarding the show’s anticipated third season, thanks to its official Twitter account: the first, and only, image from Castlevania Season 3 is currently being used as…

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