July 2020’s update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons brings Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s diving feature to your Nook Inc.-sponsored deserted island. There are new sea creatures to find in the ocean waters right off your island (or Mystery Island Tour island), but you’ll also find a special NPC returning to the series: Pascal! Pascal the philosophy-spreading sea otter is here to supply players with DIY recipes for the “mermaid” furniture and clothing set. Just catch yourself a scallop and expect a visit in an instant. Keep reading for our full guide to Pascal, plus a list of all the mermaid DIYs he hands out!


Who is Pascal?



Pascal is here! The laid back, backstroke aficionado otter has arrived as part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Version 1.3.0 update. Pascal is a long-running Animal Crossing character who’s mainly had the same function in every game he’s appeared in: Exchanging cool stuff for the scallops you catch. He first debuted in Animal Crossing: Wild World and has gone on to appear in every game since.

To find him in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, throw on a wet suit and dive right into the ocean! Find a string of bubbles bursting forth the water’s surface and hope that down below lies a scallop! 

Usually the first scallop you find during an in-game day (5 a.m – 4:59 a.m. local island time) will summon Pascal, but some island representatives have reported that it has taken a few scallop discoveries for him to appear. Make sure that your inventory isn’t completely full, as there are gifts to be given! He will only appear to you once per day.

In return for your hard-caught scallop, Pascal will give you a mermaid set DIY recipe, a piece of mermaid set clothing, or a pearl (used to craft said mermaid set items).


List of mermaid set DIY recipes


Once per day, Pascal can bestow upon your sea swimming soul a relic from the deep. It’s neat — trust me. Somehow, the philosophical otter has a treasure trove of mermaid-themed items. We’re talking mermaid DIY recipes, dresses, shoes, and accessories. The mermaid set can help make the indoors feel like you’re under the sea. Utilizing New Horizons’ crafting mechanic, you’ll have to have a variety of shells, iron nuggets, and pearls near your workbench. That last crafting material is new to this update, and can be acquired by trading with/gifted by Pascal or you find one on your next dive. Check out the full list below:


Item NameImageCategoryCrafting MaterialsSell Price
Mermaid BedAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid BedHousewares2 Pearls, 2 Giant Claims, 5 Sand Dollars22,400
Mermaid ChairAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid ChairHousewares1 Pearl, 1 Giant Claim, 2 Sand Dollars11,140
Mermaid ClosetAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid ClosetHousewares2 Pearls, 1 Giant Clam, 2 Corals, 5 Sand Dollars22,500
Mermaid DresserAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid DresserHousewares2 Pearls, 1 Giant Clam, 3 Corals22,400
Mermaid FlooringAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid FlooringFlooring2 Pearls, 5 Sand Dollars, 5 Stone20,975
Mermaid LampAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid LampHousewares1 Pearl, 3 Conches, 2 Corals, 2 Iron Nuggets13,850
Mermaid RugAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid RugRugs1 Pearl, 3 Sand Dollars10,360
Mermaid ScreenAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid ScreenHousewares2 Pearls, 3 Giant Clams, 5 Sand Dollars23,300
Mermaid ShelfAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid ShelfHousewares1 Pearl, 1 Giant Clam, 4 Corals12,900
Mermaid SofaAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid SofaHousewares1 Pearl, 10 Sand Dollars11,200
Mermaid TableAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid TableHousewares1 Pearl, 4 Sand Dollars10,480
Mermaid VanityAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid VanityHousewares1 Pearl, 1 Giant Clam, 2 Corals, 2 Iron Nuggets12,650
Mermaid WallAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid WallWallpaper2 Pearls, 2 Sea Snails, 2 Sand Dollars, 2 Corals, 5 Sand Dollars23,520
Mermaid Wall ClockAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid Wall ClockWall-mounted1 Pearl, 3 Sea Snails, 2 Corals, 5 Sand Dollars12,290


List of mermaid set clothing


There are also non-recipe clothing items you can get from Pascal. Here’s a full list of mermaid set clothing:


Item NameVariant #1Variant #2CategorySell Price
Mermaid Fishy DressAnimal Crossing New Horizons Pink Mermaid Fishy DressAnimal Crossing New Horizons Blue Mermaid Fishy DressDress-Up1,000
Mermaid Princess DressAnimal Crossing New Horizons Pink Mermaid Princess DressAnimal Crossing New Horizons Blue Mermaid Princess DressDress-Up1,500
Mermaid TiaraAnimal Crossing New Horizons Mermaid TiaraDress-Up450
Mermaid ShoesAnimal Crossing New Horizons Pink Mermaid ShoesAnimal Crossing New Horizons Blue Mermaid ShoesDress-Up1,250


Nook Miles Achievement: You Otter Know


Mr. Tom Nook wishes for all island residents to welcome our new visitors, yes, yes! Thus, befriending Pascal with some fresh scallops can lead to some extra Nook Miles to spend and some snazzy new titles to use.


“If you meet a laid-back fellow floating in the sea, consider sharing some of your scallops with him. You never know what you might learn in return…and a little gift never hurts either!”


Here are all the Nook Miles and Passport titles you can get from the You Otter Know achievement:


Number of ScallopsNook Miles EarnedKeywords Earned
1300Kind Cynic
10500Hungry Philosopher
201000Oceanic Existentialist


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