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The nature-loving sloth Leif has now begun to visit islands in Animal Crossing: New Horizons thanks to the version 1.2.0 update. The garden-enthusiast, pro-weed pulling NPC’s role in this Animal Crossing adventure is being a traveling shopkeeper. Similar to Label and Kicks, Leif will visit your island randomly and offer the following items and services: shrubs, flower seeds, and buying weeds.


Items sold at Leif’s Garden Shop



Leif will offer two different kinds of shrub starters and their color options priced at 280 Bells each. The first set will be a shrub that is in season, whereas the other one may not be. Note: When referring to shrubs as “in season,” this means that the flowers are in bloom. Two different flower types will also be available for sale as seeds in their three base colors (red, yellow, white OR red, orange, white). These flowers will be considered “rare” on your island, meaning that they were not sold at Nook’s Cranny and/or discovered on an Island Mystery Tour.

All items can be bought in increments of one or in bundles of five.


ShrubImageIn-Season Dates
Pink-azaleaApril 6th - June 15th
White-azaleaApril 6th - June 15th
Red-hibiscusJune 28th - September 15th
Yellow-hibiscusJune 28th - September 15th
HollyNovember 26th - March 31st
Blue-hydrangeaJune 8th - July 5th
Pink-hydrangeaJune 8th - July 5th
Orange-tea oliveSeptember 8th - November 30th
Yellow-tea oliveSeptember 8th - November 30th


Selling weeds to Leif


Leif’s habit of pulling weeds carries over differently in New Horizons. Since the pesky plants are now an item, they can be used to craft items or sold for 10 Bells each. In order to promote a beautiful weed-free island, Leif will pay 20 Bells per pulled weed.


Nook Miles Achievements



With new features come new Nook Miles tasks and quests. Plant enough shrubs and you can earn some more Nook Miles and titles, you Surprising Wonder.


Shubbery Hubbubbery


Goals Nook Miles Earned Titles
Plant 1 Bush Seedling 300 Verdant | Wonder
Plant 5 Bush Seedling 500 Unrestrained | Sentinel
Plant 20 Bush Seedling 1,000 Surprising | Snake


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