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Happy April! With new fish and bugs, new seasonal recipes are appearing are also appearing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! For Northern Hemisphere islands, your home is about to get a heaping dose of pink cherry-blossom petals.


The morning announcement


Morning announcements will briefly touch upon the changing of the season, as April introduces a different weather pattern compared to March. You’ll also see all non-fruit bearing oak trees transform into pastel pink beauties with cherry blossoms in bloom.

If you don’t have any big events happening on your island (like a resident moving in), Tom Nook or Isabelle will specifically comment about the cherry-blossom petals. Even better, they will send a cherry-blossom DIY recipe to all residents (such as the outdoor picnic set).

Don’t despair if you missed this interaction on April 1st, as you might get the dialogue and recipe another day.


How to collect cherry-blossom petals



Cherry-blossom petals act like flying insects. They will randomly appear throughout your island and no amount of tree shaking will increase your haul. With a net (or flimsy net) in hand, you only have two attempts to catch the dancing petals. After that, they will disappear. 


Cherry-blossom petal recipes and where to find them


It’s one thing to collect the petals, but you’ll need recipes to utilize the crafting item. Besides receiving one from Tom Nook or Isabelle, you’ll find recipes the following ways:


  • Balloons: Shoot down a regular, non-striped balloon for a chance at unwrapping a recipe!
  • Washed ashore: Message bottles that appear on your island may contain a recipe (unless they are striped — in that case, they will contain a Bunny Day recipe).


Note: You may encounter duplicates of recipes you’ve already discovered and earned. Take those extras and share the pink petal love with family and friends!


RecipeIngredient #1Ingredient #2Ingredient #3Ingredient #4
Cherry-blossom bonsai6 cherry-blossom petals2 hardwood3 clumps of weeds3 clay
Cherry-blossom branches8 cherry-blossom petals4 tree branches5 clay
Cherry-blossom clock5 cherry-blossom petals1 iron nugget
Cherry-blossom flooring10 cherry-blossom petals20 clumps of weeds
Cherry-blossom-petal pile5 cherry-blossom petals
Cherry-blossom pochette6 cherry-blossom petals
Cherry-blossom pond stone3 cherry-blossom petals10 stone
Cherry-blossom trees wall10 cherry-blossom petals5 hardwood
Cherry-blossom umbrella7 cherry-blossom petals
Cherry-blossom viewing lantern6 cherry-blossom petals4 hardwood
Cherry-blossom wand3 cherry-blossom petals3 star fragments
Outdoor picnic set10 cherry-blossom petals
Sakura-wood flooring5 cherry-blossom petals10 wood
Sakura-wood wall5 cherry-blossom petals10 wood


You have until April 10th to collect and hoard all the cherry-blossom petals you can carry. After that, you’ll have to wait for 2021, or find a friend who has an island in the Southern Hemisphere when the event is available in October.


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