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Greetings, Trainers! During Rhi’s investigation of Professor Willow’s disappearance, they discovered “an odd device among his belongings.” It’s a curious thing, really. On the surface, it looks like a regular Incense device, but it’s blue instead of green or orange. Well, Niantic announced that this device is called Daily Adventure Incense.

This new feature will allow Trainers to explore their surroundings for 15 minutes. Similar to regular Incense, you have to move to get Pokémon to appear (if you don’t, no Pokémon will appear). As for what you may find, Trainers have reported encounters with Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres.

To get Trainers used to the new feature, there are some Special Research stories to partake in. Here are the two Special Research quests that Rhi has issued:


A Mysterious Incense Part 1


A Mysterious Incense Part 1
Step 1/1Reward
Claim Reward!1 Daily Adventure Incense
Completion Reward1,000 XP


A Mysterious Incense Part 2


A Mysterious Incense Part 2
Step 1/2Reward
Use 1 Daily Adventure Incense1,000 XP
Use Daily Adventure Incense to help catch 10 Pokémon1,000 XP
Walk 1 km1,000 XP
Completion Rewards25 Poké Balls, Ponyta Encounter, and 500 Stardust
Step 2/2Reward
Use 6 Daily Adventure Incense2,500 XP
Use Daily Adventure Incense to help catch 100 Pokémon2,500 XP
Walk 10 km2,500 XP
Completion Rewards2,500 XP, Dodrio Encounter, and 2,500 Stardust


If you aren’t seeing either Special Research quest show up in your game – sit tight! This feature is being rolled out, so keep checking daily, or wait for an official announcement on Pokémon GO’s social media channels announcing that it’s available for all Trainers.


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