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Update: In addition to the methods listed below, you can evolve your Eevee into Leafeon and Glaceon without requiring a Lure by nicknaming them Linnea and Rea respectively, after the two characters who used them in Pokémon Sun & Moon. This only works once per Eeveelution.

In preparation for the upcoming summer season, a brand new update has just gone live in Pokémon GO. Finally, Eeveelution enthusiasts can add Glaceon and Leafeon to their Team Eevee family. These two Pokémon aren’t the only new additions though, as more Pokémon from the Sinnoh region have found their way into our AR Pokémon world.

Niantic hasn’t released a full list of the new Pokémon additions yet, but between their blog post and images advertising the update, the following Pokémon are confirmed: Magnezone, Probopass, Cherubi, Cherrim, Wormadam (Plant, Sandy, Trash Cloak variations), Mothim, Hippopotas, Leafeon, Glaceon, and Gible. Trainers have been sharing their finds online too, and they’ve been discovering these additional Pokémon in the wild: Gabite, Hippowdon, and both forms of Shellos.


As for adding these Sinnoh region monsters to your collection, they can be found in the wild, hatched from eggs, and/or evolved under specific conditions.

Here’s a quick rundown for catching them all:


Before you can make more entries in your Pokédex, we need to go over three brand new items that will aid you in your Pokémon hunting quest. Glacial Lure, Mossy Lure, and Magnetic Lure are three new Lure Modules, taking on an elemental theme. Stated in the Pokémon GO blog, here is what each Lure can attract:

  • Glacial Lure Modules attract certain Pokémon that love the cold, such as Water- and Ice-type Pokémon.
  • Mossy Lure Modules attract certain Pokémon that love to frolic among the leaves, such as Bug-, Grass-, and Poison-type Pokémon.
  • Magnetic Lure Modules attract certain Pokémon that are drawn to electromagnetic forces, such as some Electric-, Steel-, and Rock-type Pokémon.

Currently, these new Lures can only be purchased via the Shop, and each Lure costs 200 Poké Coins. Niantic promises that these will be available as in-game “rewards for completing new Special Research tasks.”


Evolution via Lures

Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic Lures are changing how Lures work in multiple ways. For the first time, Lures can aid in evolution. Based on these three different types, you can deduce that this is how you can obtain Glaceon and Leafeon. Simply place the lure on a PokéStop and evolve a Pokémon while standing under it:

  • Mossy Lure: Allows Eevee to evolve into Leafeon.
  • Glacial Lure: Allows Eevee to evolve into Glaceon.
  • Magnetic Lure: Allows Magneton to evolve into Magnezone and Nosepass into Probopass.

Simple enough, but definitely grab your friends so that everyone can benefit from these Lures! Make it an Eevee evolution party!

New Move

On top of these new Pokémon joining our world, a new move is being added into the game: Earth Power. Not limited to the new Sinnoh Pokémon, the full details are as follows:

  • Earth Power is a powerful Ground-type Charged Attack that could lower your opponent’s defense in Trainer Battles.
    • Certain Pokémon recently arrived from the Sinnoh region will know Earth Power.
    • Other Pokémon that could know Earth Power include Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Aerodactyl, Camerupt, and Claydol.

Niantic is teasing that there might be more surprises to find in this update, challenging us to discover more Pokémon. With Community Day this weekend, it sounds like this is the perfect time to swap information with fellow Trainers and make the most of these Lures with the three hour timer boost!


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