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Get ready to celebrate 2020 with Slowpoke, and the new year with all your fellow Trainers as Pokémon GO’s 2022 New Year’s event rolls in!

Costumed Pokémon, new avatar items, and event bonuses are aplenty, so make sure you log on to take full advantage of the event once it starts!


When is the Pokémon GO New Year’s event?


The event will take place from December 31st, 2021 at 10 p.m. to Tuesday, January 4th, 2022 at 8 p.m. local time.


What costumed Pokémon will appear during the New Year’s event?


Some old favorites will make a return, as well as a few new costumed Pokémon to catch.

Additionally, Shiny Hoothoot makes its debut in the game. You’ll be able to catch a non-costumed Shiny Hoothoot once the event is over. The full list of costumed Pokémon you can find in the wild, in Raids, in Eggs, and through Field Research task encounters is as follows:


  • Party Hat Bulbasaur*
  • Party Hat Charmander*
  • Party Hat Squirtle*
  • Party Hat Raticate*
  • Party Hat Nidorino*
  • New Year Hat Pichu*
  • New Year Hat Pikachu*
  • New Year Hat Raichu
  • 2020 Glasses Slowpoke*
  • 2021 Glasses Slowbro*
  • 2022 Glasses Slowking*
  • Party Hat Gengar*
  • New Year’s Hat Hoothoot*
  • Party Hat Wurmple*
  • Party Hat Wobbuffet*


(*Indicates that Pokémon can be found in its Shiny form.)




Are there any other special encounters for the event?


Yes! Pokémon that will be appearing more frequently in the wild are New Year’s Hat Pikachu, Seel, 2020 Glasses Slowpoke, New Year’s Hat Hoothoot, Stantler, Party Hat Wurmple, and Loudred. Fearow might also make an appearance, less frequently.

All of these Pokémon except for Loudred and Fearow can appear in their Shiny forms!


Are there any featured Raid Pokémon for the event?


In One-Star Raids, you’ll find:


  • 2020 Glasses Slowpoke*
  • New Year’s Hat Hoothoot*
  • Party Hat Wobbuffet*
  • Mawile*


In Three-Star Raids, you’ll find:


  • Party Hat Raticate*
  • Party Hat Nidorino*
  • Machamp
  • Party Hat Gengar*
  • 2022 Glasses Slowking


In Five-Star Raids, you’ll find:


  • Kyurem*


In Mega Raids, you’ll find:


  • Mega Abomasnow*


(*Indicates that Pokémon can be found in its Shiny form.)


Are there new Field Research Task encounters for the event?


Yes! You’ll be able to complete Timed Research to encounter several costumed Pokémon featured in the event. 2020 Glasses Slowpoke and New Year Hat Hoothoot will be available when completing Field Research tasks. If you’re lucky, you might encounter Party Hat Bulbasaur, Party Hat Charmander, or Party Hat Squirtle instead!


What featured Pokémon will hatch from Eggs during the event?


In 7km Eggs, you’ll be able to hatch Party Hat Bulbasaur, Party Hat Charmander, Party Hat Squirtle, 2020 Glasses Slowpoke, New Year Hat Hoothoot, New Year Hat Pichu, and Party Hat Wurmple.


Will there be any other bonuses during the event?


Yes! You can expect 2x Hatch Stardust, 2x Hatch Candy, and 1/2 Hatch Distance for Eggs.

Also, be on the lookout for fireworks in the sky from the start of the event to January 2nd, 2022, at 12 a.m. local time!


What new avatar items will be available?


Once the event starts, the following items will be available in the in-game shop:


  • 2022 Glasses
  • New Year’s Headband
  • New Year’s Jacket Set
  • New Year’s Pants
  • New Year’s Shoes



New Year’s stickers will also be available in the shop, in Gifts, and at Poké Stops.


Will there be any story events during the New Year’s event?


Yes! You can expect the Season of Heritage story with Spark to continue during the event.


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