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Fire Emblem Engage is full of Emblems containing the heroes of past titles. But there’s one Emblem not revealed in promo materials – one whose existence and function is actually well hidden within the plot. With that said:

Massive spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage follow! If you haven’t witnessed the events at the end of Chapter 22, do not read on if you want to remain surprised!



Ready? Okay. The thirteenth Emblem is none other than Alear themself (who is in fact the Fire Emblem), gaining the power automatically at the end of Chapter 22. As the main playable character, Alear functions differently than other Emblems who are equipped to units as rings/bracelets. They offer no Synchro skills without Engagement and Engage with fellow units by standing next to them and activating “Engage+” (Alear can Engage with other Emblems as before, but the Engage gauge for both Engage and Engage + is the same). During the duration of Engage+, both Alear and the chosen unit they Engage with receive the benefits of Engagement. 

So what are those skills? A doozy. Holy Aura provides effectiveness against Fell Dragons for nearby allies, an essential in the last maps of the game. Attuned grants stat buffs to the fellow Engaged partner if you defeat a foe, allowing for big gains. Dragon Blast is a rawly powerful Engage Attack that becomes the even more powerful Bond Blast if Alear and their Engaged partner are adjacent to one another. Alear’s Engagement is simple, straightforward power attuned to boosting your army members with Emblems, which by the time you obtain it is the vast majority of your deployed units, making them extremely useful – especially since you can always bring along other Emblems to Engage with instead if the situation calls more for their set of skills. Also, the hair tone of units Engaged with Alear looks cool as hell.

Alear’s Lyrátion is their base Engage Weapon, a powerful sword that can also fill adjacent allies’ Engage meters. Dragon’s Fist not only attacks twice if initiating like other Arts, but is based on Magic, allowing your mages to deal tremendous damage. And the Oligoludia deals Effective damage against corrupted, making it killer in the game’s final maps. 


Alear’s Skills


Here are detailed explanations of each of Alear’s skills. Unlike other Emblems, you can’t inherit any of Alear’s skills, and a unit’s Bond level with Alear is intrinsically tied to their Support level with each other – No Support = Bond Level 1, C Support = Bond Level 5, B Support = Bond Level 10, A Support = Bond Level 20. In addition, the unit Alear gives the Pact Ring to (“S Support”) will achieve the exclusive Bond Level 21 and the very powerful Boon of Elyos skill, making Engaging with them even more powerful.


Engage Skill: Attuned – If unit initiates combat and defeats foe, grants engage partner +4 to all seven basic stats while engaged ([Qi Adept] Extra +2 to Lck)

Engage Attack: Dragon Blast – Use to make two attacks against an adjacent foe with a sword and powerful magic beam (becomes more powerful Bond Blast if Alear and Engaged Partner are adjacent to one another)


Engage Weapon 1: Lyrátion – If unit defeats foe in Player Phase, fills adjacent allies’ Engage meters by 1

Engage Weapon 2: Dragon’s Fist (Bond Level 10) – Attacks twice if initiating combat, uses Mag

Engage Weapon 3: Oligoludia (Bond Level 20) – Effective against Corrupted


Bond Lvl 1: Holy Aura – Unit is Effective: Fell Dragon. Allies within 2 spaces with Effective: Dragon gain Effective: Fell Dragon. [Might multiplier of 2.]

Bond Lvl 5: Bond Forger – Grants Hit/Avo+20 to unit and allies within 2 spaces that are synced or engaged with an Emblem

Bond Lvl 10: Sword Prof. – Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond Lvl 10: Arts Prof. – Proficiency with arts. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond Lvl 20: Strong Bond – Unit stays Engaged 1 additional turn

Bond Lvl 20: Bond Forger+ – Grants Hit/Avo+30 to unit and allies within 2 spaces that are synced or engaged with an Emblem

Bond Lvl 20: Holy Shield – Neutralizes Effective against this unit

Bond Lvl 21: Boon of Elyos – If unit initiates combat, grants bonus to Crit and Ddg equal to 2× the number of allies who have acted this turn


Who Is Alear?


Alear (VA: Hiro Shimono [JP Male] / Brandon McInnis [EN Male] / Aya Endo [JP Female] / Laura Stahl [EN Female] ) is the protagonist of Fire Emblem Engage. You probably don’t need me to tell you about them. 



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