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Fishing was a beloved addition to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and it returns to Fire Emblem Engage with new mechanics. The activity will unlock in the Somniel after Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might (after Diamant joins your army). It’s located on the Western side of the Somniel, designated by a little fishhook icon.



You can fish three times in-between battles. You pick between several rods that can catch three kinds of fish depending on the time of day, starting with the Modest Rod. Fishing can be done alone or with Sommie (who will help out if you’re about to lose your catch), and is pretty simple – pick a spot in the water to cast out (represented by a golden pillar of light) and then wait to get a nibble. Press the A-button as soon as you do to get the fish on the line.



To actually catch it, hold the control stick in the opposite direction the fish is going until it ends up in the lighter blue zone at the bottom, then tap the A-button rapidly. It’ll struggle its way out, so rinse and repeat til you catch it. If you’re lucky, you’ll stun the fish in the light blue zone and be able to mash the A-button extremely quickly. 



Catching the fish will net you Bond Fragments and a type of fish to use in Cooking or feeding Sommie. If you manage to catch the posted Bonus Species, then you’ll get more in terms of rewards. It can be a useful activity in between maps, though far from essential, especially as there are more efficient ways to get Bond Fragments (like taking care of Sommie), so it’s mostly for if you want to kick back a bit and do a little minigame on the side.



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