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Celica, hero of Fire Emblem Echoes – Shadows of Valentia (a remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden), returns in Fire Emblem Engage as the Emblem of the Caring Princess, who will assist your army in its quest. 

Celica is a mage-focused Emblem who’s especially effective against Corrupted foes, the game’s version of stock monsters. Synchro Skill Holy Stance will reflect 10% of a Corrupted’s damage back at it, useful for high HP/low Def units. Engage Skill Echo allows Celica’s unit to attack twice in one turn at 50% strength, a situationally useful ability great for lots of Link Attacks or a high crit chance. Her big ticket feature is Engage Attack Warp Ragnarok, which allows her to teleport a distance away and nuke any one unit as she likes. Celica’s abilities are geared towards dishing out a lot of magical damage, though they might leave her more vulnerable in the process if you’re not careful. She’s great for the members of your army who already have a good magic stat, like mages or healers.

Celica’s first Engage Weapon is Seraphim, which deals effective damage against Corrupted to make her a great monster slayer. The Recover staff lends her some utility, allowing her to heal nearby units a hefty amount. And her ultimate Ragnarok is just one big giant fireball of damage, whether you warp with it or not.


How to obtain Celica


Celica will automatically join your party in Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. At first, she’ll be equipped to Céline, the princess of Firene (who bears a similar situation to Celica in Echoes in both situation and battle capabilities, funnily enough), though you can equip her to anybody else you like after the battle ends.



Celica’s Skills


Here are detailed explanations of each of Celica’s skills. Remember that to have your characters inherit them, they must be at Bond Level 5 minimum with the Emblem and spend SP:


Engage Skill: Echo – Use to attack with magic at 50% damage. Use a second time to launch another 50% attack

Engage Attack: Warp Ragnarok – Use to warp up to 10 spaces and make a powerful magic attack


Engage Weapon 1: Seraphim – Effective against corrupted

Engage Weapon 2: Recover (Bond Lvl 10) Recovers a vast amount of an ally’s HP

Engage Weapon 3: Ragnarok (Bond Lvl 15) High Mt


Bond Lvl 1: Holy Stance (Synchro Skill) – If a Corrupted attacks unit, deals 10% of damage taken back to foe (SP cost: 100)

Bond Lvl 2: Magic +3 – Grants Mag+3 (SP cost: 3000)

Bond Lvl 3: Resonance (Synchro Skill) – When equipped with a tome, if unit’s HP is 2 or more, unit loses 1 HP at start of combat and deals +2 damage during combat (SP cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 4: Tome Precision 1 – Grants Hit/Avo+3 when using a tome (SP cost: 100)

Bond Lvl 5: Skill Inheritance – Unit can inherit this Emblem’s skills

Bond Lvl 6: Tome Prof. – Proficiency with tomes. Required for promotion to certain classes 

Bond lvl 7: Tome Precision 2 – Grants Hit/Avo+5 when using a tome (SP cost: 300)

Bond Lvl 8: Favorite Food (Synchro Skill) – When unit eats a packed lunch, its engage meter is maxed out (SP cost: 200)

Bond Lvl 9: Tome Precision 3 – Grants Hit/Avo+7 when using a tome (SP cost: 700)

Bond Lvl 9: Sword Prof. – Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond Lvl 12: Holy Stance+ (Synchro Skill) – If a Corrupted attacks unit, deals 30% of damage taken back to foe (SP cost: 500)

Bond Lvl 13: Magic +4 – Grants Mag+4 (SP cost: 4000)

Bond Lvl 14: Tome Precision 4 – Grants Hit/Avo+10 when using a tome (SP cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 16: Resonance+ (Synchro Skill) – When equipped with a tome, if unit’s HP is 2 or more, unit loses 1 HP at start of combat and deals +3 damage during combat (SP cost: 3000)

Bond Lvl 17: Tome Precision 5 – Grants Hit/Avo+15 when using a tome (SP cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 18: Holy Stance++ (Synchro Skill) – If a Corrupted attacks unit, deals 50% of damage taken back to foe (SP cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 19: Magic +5 – Grants Mag+5 (SP cost: 5000)


Who Is Celica?



Celica (VA: Nao Toyama [JP] / Erica Lindbeck [EN]) was the young princess of Zofia, a decadent southern kingdom that worshiped the goddess Mila, when the Empire of Rigel to the north (followers of Mila’s counterpart, Duma) invaded. Celica fled and took up temporary residence in Ram Village, where she befriended a boy named Alm. Soon she moved to a secluded island southeast of Valentia, disguising herself as a priestess. Years later, she feels the presence of Mila vanish, and sets out with her friends to find out why, hoping to reunite with Alm along the way. 


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