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Ike, hero of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, returns in Fire Emblem Engage as the Emblem of the Radiant Hero, who will assist your army in its quest. 

True to those beefy biceps, Ike’s build is structured around being a tank and absorbing damage. Sync Skill Resolve will grant defensive buffs to your unit as long as its HP is below a certain threshold (and Demolish helps destroy terrain as a bonus). Engage Skill Laguz Friend sets your unit’s avoid to 0, but will reduce oncoming damage by 50% as a boon. And Engage Attack Great Aether will charge for a turn before unleashing a 2-space AOE attack that will heal a bit of damage you took in the meantime. Ike is for your units low in speed but high in defenses, excellent for chokepoints or scenarios when you want just one unit taking the brunt of enemy blows.

His first Engage Weapon is the Hammer, more powerful than the generic version and maintaining the armor effectiveness while also adding a Smash effect. The Urvan is a powerful axe that will also bolster your Res slightly, useful for Def-oriented knights or cavaliers. And his legendary Ragnell not only boasts 1-2 range but boosts your Def, making it a mighty weapon indeed.


How to obtain Ike


Ike will join you right at the beginning of Chapter 13: Heroes of the Oasis. For the duration of the map, he’s equipped to Timerra (whose good defensive stats suit him quite well), who will want to make use of Demolish to destroy all the terrain around. After the Chapter, you can equip him to whomever you’d like.



Ike’s Skills


Here are detailed explanations of each of Ike’s skills. Remember that to have your characters inherit them, they must be at Bond Level 5 minimum with the Emblem and spend SP:


Engage Skill: Laguz Friend – Unit takes 50% less damage, but sets unit’s Avo to 0 ([Dragon] Extra -10% to damage)

Engage Attack: Great Aether – Use to grant Def/Res+5, but unit can’t counter for 1 turn. Next turn, attack a 2-space area, heal HP=30% of damage dealt. Sword/axe only ([Dragon] +1 damage per hit taken / [Flying] Grants an extra Res+5 / [Armored] Grants an extra Def+5)


Engage Weapon 1: Hammer – Smashes foes, can’t strike first or follow up, effective against armor

Engage Weapon 2: Urvan (Bond Lvl 10) Res +3

Engage Weapon 3: Ragnell (Bond Lvl 15) 1-2 range, Def +5


Bond Lvl 1: Resolve (Synchro Skill) – If unit’s HP is 75% or less after combat, grants Def/Res+5 as long as unit’s HP stays below 75% (SP Cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 1: Demolish – Break destructible terrain in a single blow when using Destroy (SP Cost: 200)

Bond Lvl 1: Defense +1 – Grants Def+1 (SP Cost: 100)

Bond Lvl 2: Defense +2 – Grants Def+2 (SP Cost: 300)

Bond Lvl 3: Reposition (Synchro Skill) – Use to move an adjacent ally to the opposite side of unit (SP Cost: 200)

Bond Lvl 4: Axe Power 1 – Grants Atk+2 at a cost of Avo-10 when using an axe (SP Cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 5: Skill Inheritance – Unit can inherit this Emblem’s skills

Bond Lvl 6: Axe Prof. – Proficiency with axes. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond lvl 7: Axe Power 2 – Grants Atk+4 at a cost of Avo-10 when using an axe (SP Cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 8: Defense +3 – Grants Def+3 (SP Cost: 500)

Bond Lvl 9: Sword Prof. – Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond Lvl 11: Strong Bond – Unit stays Engaged 1 additional turn

Bond Lvl 12: Axe Power 3 – Grants Atk+6 at a cost of Avo-10 when using an axe (SP Cost: 3000)

Bond Lvl 13: Wrath (Synchro Skill) – At start of combat, for each HP the unit has lost, grants Crit+1 during combat (Max +30) (SP Cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 14: Axe Power 4 – Grants Atk+8 at a cost of Avo-10 when using an axe (SP Cost: 4000)

Bond Lvl 16: Defense +4 – Grants Def+4 (SP Cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 17: Axe Power 5 – Grants Atk+10 at a cost of Avo-10 when using an axe (SP Cost: 5000)

Bond Lvl 18: Resolve+ – If unit’s HP is 75% or less after combat, grants Def/Res+7 as long as unit’s HP stays below 75% (SP Cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 19: Defense +5 – Grants Def+5 (SP Cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 20: Deep Synergy – Unit’s Engage meter is shortened one step


Who Is Ike?


Ike (VA: Michihiko Hagi [JP] / Greg Chun [EN]) is the leader of the Greil Mercenaries. His father, the eponymous Greil, led the mercenaries until his murder at the hands of the enigmatic Black Knight, causing a young Ike to take the reins and swear revenge. He supported the estranged princess Elinicia in her quest to flee and then eventually take back the Kingdom of Crimea from Mad King Ashnard of Daein. Years later, Ike joined forces with various laguz in a vicious war against Begnion, a long tangled thread of events that would culminate in him fighting one of the gods of Tellius. Ike has a gruff and no-nonsense nature, but means well and always has his heart in the right place.



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