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Sigurd, hero of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, returns in Fire Emblem Engage as the Emblem of the Holy Knight, who will assist your army in its quest. 

True to his legendary origins, Sigurd’s power lies primarily in his high movement. He’ll boost your unit’s base Mov just by equipping him, but by Engaging to activate Gallop you’ll basically double your Movement, enabling you to zip across the map with ease. His primary Synchro Skill of Canter allows you to readjust units after an action (an attack, item, etc.), which is useful for just about any member of the army, especially squishy ones. His Engage Attack, Override, will charge straight through lines of enemies, allowing him to push past chokepoints or soften a ton of foes for other army members to clean up. These options make Sigurd a great option for armored units who may lag behind the army, healers who want to zip around on medic duty, or cavalry chargers who need to get across the map quickly. 

Sigurd’s first Engage Weapon is the Ridersbane, a lance effective against cavalry (that’s slightly stronger than the generic Ridersbane you can acquire partway through the game). The Brave Lance is a powerful weapon that will strike twice in a row if you initiate combat, making Sigurd fantastic on the offensive. And his legendary Tyrfing sword, true to his origin game, boosts your Res to help deal with mages you might run into.


How to obtain Sigurd


Sigurd is obtained after Chapter 3, but you’ll be able to use him for the first time in Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom. No hoops to jump through here: you can equip him to any character you’d like from the start.



Sigurd’s Skills


Here are detailed explanations of each of Sigurd’s skills. Remember that to have your characters inherit them, they must be at Bond Level 5 minimum with the Emblem and spend SP:


Engage Skill: Gallop – Grants Mov+5 ([Cavalry] Mov +2 / [Covert] Unit does not pay extra movement cost on any terrain / [Dragon] Grants another Mov +1)

Engage Attack: Override – Use to attack and move through a line of adjacent foes. Sword/lance only ([Dragon] +20% Damage / [Mystical] Deals extra damage=25% of Mag / [Qi Adept] 20% chance of breaking target)


Engage Weapon 1: Ridersbane – Effective against cavalry

Engage Weapon 2: Brave Lance (Bond Lvl 10) If user initiates combat, user attacks twice

Engage Weapon 3: Tyrfing (Bond Lvl 15)Grants Res+5


Bond Lvl 1: Canter (Synchro Skill) – Unit can move 2 spaces after acting (SP cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 1: Hit +10 – Grants Hit+10 (SP cost: 500)

Bond Lvl 2: Lance Power 1 – Grants Atk+2 at a cost of Avo-10 when using a lance (SP cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 3: Momentum (Synchro Skill) – Grants Atk+1 to first attack during combat for each space unit moved before attacking (Max +10) (SP cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 4: Hit +15 – Grants Hit+15 (SP cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 5: Skill Inheritance – Unit can inherit this Emblem’s skills 

Bond Lvl 6: Lance Power 2 – Grants Atk+4 at a cost of Avo-10 when using a lance (SP cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 6: Lance Prof. – Proficiency with lances. Required for promotion to certain classes (SP cost: 2000)

Bond lvl 7: Headlong Rush (Synchro Skill) – Grants immunity to freeze (SP cost: 200)

Bond Lvl 8: Lance Power 3 – Grants Atk+6 at a cost of Avo-10 when using a lance (SP cost: 3000)

Bond Lvl 9:  Sword Prof. – Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to certain classes 

Bond Lvl 12: Hit +20 – Grants Hit+20 (SP cost: 1500)

Bond Lvl 13: Canter+ (Synchro Skill) – Unit can move 3 spaces after acting (SP cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 14: Lance Power 4 – Grants Atk+8 at a cost of Avo-10 when using a lance (SP cost:4000)

Bond Lvl 16: Hit +25 –Grants Hit+25 (SP cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 17: Momentum+ (Synchro Skill) – Grants Atk+1 to first attack during combat for each space unit moved before attacking (SP cost: 2000)

Bond Lvl 18: Lance Power 5 – Grants Atk+10 at a cost of Avo-10 when using a lance (SP cost:5000)

Bond Lvl 19: Hit +30 – Grants Hit+30 (SP cost:2500)


Who Is Sigurd?


Sigurd (VA: Toshiyuki Morikawa [JP] / Grant George [EN])  is a knight of Chalphy, a duchy within the kingdom of Grannvale. When the neighboring kingdom of Verdane invades Grannvale and kidnaps a lady named Aideen, Sigurd pursues, defending the kingdom and proceeding to conquer half of the continent of Jugdral. Along the way, he meets a mysterious forest woman named Deirdre and falls in love with her, bearing a son named Seliph with her. However, becoming entangled with a vast cultic conspiracy led him to a gruesome fate – but Seliph carries his legacy. Leif, a fellow Emblem in Engage, is Sigurd’s nephew, the son of his sister Ethlyn and close friend Quan.

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