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Micaiah, hero of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, returns in Fire Emblem Engage as the Emblem of the Dawn Maiden, who will assist your army in its quest. 

Micaiah in Engage is tooled towards staves and being a support unit. Synchro Skill Cleric allows anyone who has her equipped to use up to C rank staves, and Engage Skill Augment gives her an increased stave range and area effect to allow distant and AOE healing. Even her Engage Attack isn’t an attack – Great Sacrifice provides massive healing to your army at the cost of reducing the HP of Micaiah’s paired unit to one. If you have another healer nearby to patch up, it can be a great way to restore your army to tip-top shape. It also provides a LOT of EXP, which in conjunction with the high EXP staves give in the first place makes Micaiah a great choice for anyone in your army you want to level up quickly. Otherwise, she makes a great choice of Emblem for anyone you might want to play support, whether a squishier member of your army or a mobile flier.

Micaiah’s first Engage weapon is Shine, a tome of standard power with the unique benefit of illuminating nearby space after usage (making her great for dark maps). The classic Nosferatu will siphon some of the damage she deals to enemies as HP, and her trademark Thani deals effective damage against cavalry and armored units – and considering the generally low Res of armors, will vaporize them from existence. 


How to obtain Micaiah


Micaiah will join your army shortly after beginning Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. After killing the first enemy up top with either Alear or Yunaka, a short cutscene will play out and she’ll be paired with Yunaka for the rest of the map. Considering the darkness on the map, Shine will prove especially valuable here.



Micaiah’s Skills


Here are detailed explanations of each of Micaiah’s skills. Remember that to have your characters inherit them, they must be at Bond Level 5 minimum with the Emblem and spend SP:


Engage Skill: Augment – Grants staff range +5 and area of effect +1

Engage Attack: Great Sacrifice – Use to restore full HP to all allies, even those not under the player’s control. After use, unit’s HP=1


Engage Weapon 1: Shine – Illuminates a 5-space radius (shrinks one space per turn)

Engage Weapon 2: Nosferatu (Bond Lvl 10) Recovers HP equivalent to 50% of damage dealt

Engage Weapon 3: Thani (Bond Lvl 15)Effective against armors and cavalry


Bond Lvl 1: Resistance +2 – Grants Res+2 (SP cost: 300)

Bond Lvl 1: Cleric (Synchro Skill) –Unit can equip staves up to level C (Cannot inherit)

Bond Lvl 2: Staff Mastery 1 – Grants Hit+10 when using a staff. Staves also heal an additional 3 HP (SP cost:100)

Bond Lvl 3: Healing Light (Synchro Skill) – When unit heals an ally with a staff, unit also recovers HP=50% of the amount healed (SP cost: 200)

Bond Lvl 3: Staff Prof. – Proficiency with staves. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond Lvl 4: Resistance +3 – Grants Res+3 (SP cost: 500)

Bond Lvl 5: Skill Inheritance – Unit can inherit this Emblem’s skills

Bond Lvl 6: Knife Prof. – Proficiency with knives. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond lvl 7: Silence Ward (Synchro Skill) – Grants immunity to silence (SP cost: 200)

Bond Lvl 8: Staff Mastery 2 – Grants Hit+15 when using a staff. Staves also heal an additional 5 HP (SP cost: 300)

Bond Lvl 9: Tome Prof. – Proficiency with tomes. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond Lvl 12: Staff Mastery 3 – Grants Hit+20 when using a staff. Staves also heal an additional 7 HP (SP cost: 500)

Bond Lvl 13: Cleric+ (Synchro Skill) – Unit can equip staves up to level B (Cannot inherit)

Bond Lvl 14: Resistance +4 – Grants Res+4 (SP cost: 1000

Bond Lvl 16: Staff Mastery 4 – Grants Hit+25 when using a staff. Staves also heal an additional 10 HP (SP cost: 700)

Bond Lvl 17: Staff Mastery 5 – Grants Hit+30 when using a staff. Staves also heal an additional 15 HP (SP cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 18: Cleric++ – Unit can equip staves up to level A (Cannot inherit)

Bond Lvl 19: Resistance +5 – Grants Res+5 (SP cost: 2000)


Who Is Micaiah?



Micaiah (VA: Natsuko Kuwatani [JP] / Veronica Taylor [EN]) is the leader of the Dawn Brigade, a small group of Daein rebels. After the “Mad King’s War” years prior, Daein became subject to brutal occupation by Begnion, and the Brigade fights for the country’s freedom. Micaiah in particular is revered as the silver-haired maiden, a girl with the powers of both prophecy and healing. Her love for her nation is strong, but it also leads her to commit some dubious acts for its sake. She is often seen with her little bird Yune. 


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