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Marth, hero of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, and their remakes (Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem), returns in Fire Emblem Engage as the Emblem of the Hero-King, who will assist your army in its quest. 

Marth is the first Emblem you obtain during the game, by your side from the very beginning. His skillset specializes in swift aggression, overwhelming the enemy with an onslaught of blows. His initial Synchro Skill is Perceptive, which will grant you more Avoid when you initiate combat instead of your opponent. When Engaged, Divine Speed will give you an extra attack at 50% strength in combat, and his Engage Attack Lodestar Rush launches 7 consecutive strikes at 30% power, which when paired with his weapons that target specific enemy weaknesses, can oneshot the most powerful of foes. All of this makes Marth an excellent Player Phase Emblem, a great choice for your most powerful strikers, especially those that may struggle with speed or evasion.



His first Engage Weapon is the trusty Rapier, a handy tool for taking down Armored or Cavalry units. His second is the Mercurius, a powerful blade that also handily doubles the unit’s earned EXP, making him a great resource if you want to level up certain army members quickly. Last is his iconic Falchion, imperative for any would-be dragon slayers in the army.


How to obtain Marth


Marth joins you automatically mid-way through Chapter 1, initially equipped to Alear. He’ll stay attached to them for a handful of Chapters before you unlock Battle Preparations, at which point you can Equip his ring to whoever you would like.




Marth’s Skills


Here are detailed explanations of each of Marth’s skills. Remember that to have your characters inherit them, they must be at Bond Level 5 minimum with the Emblem and spend SP:


Engage Skill: Divine Speed – Unit performs an extra attack at 50% damage in combat. ([Dragon] Unit recovers HP equal to damage dealt by extra attack / [Covert] If extra attack hits, poisons foe)

Engage Attack: Lodestar Rush – Use to launch 7 consecutive sword attacks at 30% damage on an adjacent foe ([Dragon] +2 attacks / [Backup] +1 attack / [Mystical] Damage based on Mag)


Engage Weapon 1: Rapier – Effective against Armors and Cavalry

Engage Weapon 2: Mercurius (Bond Lvl 10) – Doubles user’s EXP earned

Engage Weapon 3: Falchion (Bond Lvl 15) – Effective against Dragons


Bond Lvl 1: Perceptive (Synchro Skill) – If the unit initiates combat, grants Avo+15 during combat. Avo increases with high Spd (SP cost: 250)

Bond Lvl 1: Avoid + 10 – Grants Avo+10 (SP cost: 500)

Bond Lvl 2: Sword Agility 1 – Grants Avo+10 at a cost of Crit-10 when using a sword (SP cost: 500)

Bond Lvl 3: Break Defenses (Synchro Skill) – If unit’s attack breaks foe, unit makes an extra attack at 50% damage (SP cost: 2,000)

Bond Lvl 4: Avoid +15 Grants Avo+15. (SP cost: 1,500)

Bond Lvl 5: Skill Inheritance – Unit can inherit this Emblem’s skills.

Bond Lvl 6: Sword Agility 2 – Grants Avo+15 at a cost of Crit-10 when using a sword (SP cost: 1,000)

Bond lvl 7: Unyielding (Synchro Skill) – At start of player phase, if HP is 20% or less, restores 20% of unit’s max HP (SP cost: 100)

Bond Lvl 8: Sword Agility 3 – Grants Avo+20 at a cost of Crit-10 when using a sword. (SP cost: 1000)

Bond Lvl 8: Sword Prof. – Proficiency with swords. Required for promotion to certain classes

Bond Lvl 9: Avoid +20 – Grants Avo+20 (SP cost: 2,500)

Bond Lvl 12: Unyielding+ (Synchro Skill) – At start of player phase, if HP is 30% or less, restores 30% of unit’s max HP (SP cost: 200)

Bond Lvl 13: Sword Agility 4 – Grants Avo+25 at a cost of Crit-10 when using a sword (SP cost: 3,000)

Bond Lvl 14: Avoid +25 – Grants Avo+25 (SP Cost: 3,500)

Bond Lvl 16: Perceptive+ (Synchro Skill) – If the unit initiates combat, grants Avo+30 during combat. Avo increases with high Spd (SP Cost: 500)

Bond Lvl 17: Sword Agility 5 – Grants Avo+30 at a cost of Crit-10 when using a sword. (SP cost: 4,000)

Bond Lvl 18: Unyielding++ (Synchro Skill) – At start of player phase, if HP is 40% or less, restores 40% of unit’s max HP (SP cost: 300)

Bond Lvl 19: Avoid +30 – Grants Avo+30 (SP cost: 4500)


Who Is Marth?


Marth (VA: Hikaru Midorikawa [JP] / Yuri Lowenthal [EN]) is the original Fire Emblem protagonist, the ousted prince of Altea. After his kingdom was betrayed and invaded by the nation of Dolhr, he gathered up allies to free the continent of Archanea from the forces of Medeus, the Dark Dragon. Years later, he would resolve to figure out the mystery of the Fire Emblem bequeathed to him by Princess Nyna of Archanea, and take up arms against his old comrade Hardin, who had been corrupted to do evil. While Marth has never been particularly strong on his own, he relies on his comrades to do battle and emerge victorious. Together, they ride!



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