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Marth may be the face of the Fire Emblem franchise, but if any character is its mascot that would be Anna, tender of the Secret Shop and traveling merchant. Anna returns as a playable character in Engage, noticeably younger than in her past incarnations and with a fresh new voice actor. But how can you obtain her?

Anna appears in Paralogue 2: Mysterious Merchant. You’ll unlock the map after reaching Chapter 7: Dark Emblem. As the map begins, Anna will be locked within the chest at the very center of the action. Thieves will beeline for all the treasure, so head them off with tools like Emblem Sigurd’s high movement or Emblem Celica’s Warp Ragnarok. When the center chest is opened, Anna will pop out as an Ally unit – speak to her with Alear to have her officially join your army. You can also have her survive ’til the end of the map, though that’s much trickier than just recruiting her directly.



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