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One of the potentially most powerful characters in Fire Emblem Engage is Jean, a young doctor’s son from a rural island. Like Donnel or Mozu from past games, Jean comes equipped with the Expertise skill, which grants him increased stat growths when he levels up – that means despite his low starting level and base stats, he’ll become a powerhouse if you spend your time leveling up. What’s more, unlike many past such Fire Emblem characters of the “Est archetype,” he comes early on and is a staff user, which allows him to gain HP safely and quickly. So how do you recruit him?

Jean appears in Paralogue 1: Budding Talent. You’ll unlock the Paralogue after reaching Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring. Recruiting Jean into your army is a simple matter of talking to him with Alear. (You can equip Alear with Sigurd’s Emblem to get them to him quickly.) Alternatively, he’ll join you at the end so long as he survives. Make sure to protect as many villagers on the map as possible; doing so will net you more rewards when the Paralogue ends.



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