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Fire Emblem Engage was revealed only a scant couple months ago, and now has only a scant couple months until release. While much of the game remains unknown until release, information has been trickling out through the official Fire Emblem Twitter account (translated by the folks at Serenes Forest – HUGE thanks to them!), including a handful of characters. Let’s go over everybody we know about so far, shall we?

First is our protagonist, Alear, affectionately(?) dubbed “Toothpaste-chan/kun” or “Bepis” by swaths of the internet due to their striking dual red/blue color combo. Like many FE protags of the past decade, you can choose Alear’s gender and name. They’re a divine dragon who’s slept for 1,000 years and lost their memory. Y’know, it happens. Their voice actors are Hiro Shimono and Aya Endo.



Alear’s sentinel and “Jeigan Archetype” of the game looks to be Vander, a 32nd generation “Dragon Guardian” who protects them with utmost duty and loyalty. He’s stern and straightlaced. He’s voiced by Youji Ueda.



Cramme (tentatively named) and Framme are also Guardians, twins who faithfully guard Alear with Vander. The two of them are at Alear’s side when they awaken. Cramme is gentle and kind while Framme is more outgoing and impassioned, though both view Alear devoutly. Cramme is voiced by Kouhei Amasaki and Framme is voiced by Sayaka Senbongi.



And then we have Marth, prince of Altea, savior of Archanea, and the Emblem of Beginnings (voiced in Japanese by Hikaru Midorikawa as always). He’s the first featured character from past Fire Emblems you can summon. He’s been keeping watch over Alear as they sleep. You know Marth, you (presumably) love him, he’s here to help you out.



Alfred and Céline are nobles and siblings, the first prince and princess of the Firenese Kingdom. Alfred’s the typical aristocratic type: mannered, kind, and “brisk.” He also loves flowers. Céline is a philanthropist who seeks peace above all else, but isn’t afraid to use force to achieve it. Alfred is voiced by Ryouhei Kimura and Céline is voiced by Akari Kitou.



Another familiar face — Celica (voiced once again by Nao Toyama) is the Emblem of Echoes, princess of Zofia who grew up as a priestess in secret after her family was slaughtered. While we haven’t seen her hubby Alm yet, she’ll represent the continent of Valencia and provide another helping hand.



From the kingdom of Firene (Alfred and Céline’s land) comes Louis, an armor knight and gentle giant. He’s very concerned with his friends’ wellbeing and is content to see them at peace. He’s voiced by Haruki Ishiya.



A Firenese Pegasus Knight, Chloé is a lax adjutant who adores Céline (her charge). She has a fancy for nice scenery and fairy tales, looking for places where the two lend themselves to one another. She’s voiced by Saori Hayami.



This face may be less familiar to non-hardcore Emblemiers — Sigurd, knight of Chalphy and inheritor of the divine Tyrfing, stands as the Emblem of the Holy War. Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa, he’s a dutiful knight who’s inherited the blood of the crusader Baldr in his quest to bring glory to Grannvale. And now he lends you his own power!



Etie is yet another knight from Firene, a noble lady brimming with liveliness who devotes all her time to body-building (though her frilly and non-muscular character design don’t quite suggest that). She exudes elegance. Etie is voiced by Tomomi Mineuchi.



Boucheron is… guess what? Another Firenese knight. A polite and kind axe fighter, with a stocky build and geat patience. He’s voiced by Toru Sakurai.



Lumiere is Alear’s mother and head of the Divine Dragons who rule Lythos. She worked with humans to save the continent from the Fell Dragon 1000 years ago, a typical Naga-type FE figure. It’s unclear if she’ll be playable. She’s voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi.



Veyre is a mysterious lady who ushered Alear away when they were attacked by the Corrupted. It seems like she’s searching for someone. Her design is slightly reminiscent of classic FE mysterious forest lady Deirdre. She’s voiced by Reina Ueda.



Diamant is a Lord – first prince of Brodia, a straightforward and strong person with a straightlaced demeanor who is deeply devoted to his father, the king. Mysteriously, we don’t know his voice actor.



Alcryst is Diamante’s brother, the second prince of Brodia. He’s pessimistic and has an inferiority complex towards his older sibling. However, he’s still amiable and stalwart where it counts. He’s voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto.



We all know Anna, quasi-mascot of Fire Emblem who’s back and looking bubblier than ever. In this entry, she appears to be a merchant-in-training who travels around the continent in search of grand treasures and profits. She’s voiced by Saori Seto.



Ivy is a princess of Elusia, a kingdom that worships the Fell Dragon (Alear’s enemy). She’s searching for the Emblem Rings. Despite this seemingly antagonistic status, we do have confirmation that she’ll be playable – we’ll have to discover the context later. Her voice actress Yoko Hikasa



Timerra is the Crown Princess of Solm. Despite her high station, she’s a free and bubbly spirit who’s easy to get along with. Her voice actress is Ami Koshimizu.



Zephia is head of the Four Hounds, the enemy group who wishes to resurrect the Fell Dragon. She’s descended from the Demon Dragon Clan and has been hunting Emblem Rings in secret. She’s voiced by Rika Fukami.



Marni is another member of the Four Hounds, a frillily dressed armor knight who’s cocky but temperamental. She’s voiced by Ruriko Aoki.



Byleth is a familiar face to many, the Ashen Demon and former mercenary who serves as Emblem of the Academy. He arrives in male form specifically, and actually gets to speak this time around, which is a plus. He’s voiced by Yuusuke Kobayashi.



Everybody’s favorite hero, Corrin is the child of dragons and Emblem of Fates. She arrives in this game in her female form specifically, sharing a similar vibe and ability to Alear. Her heart is unbreakable as she assists the army. She’s voiced by Satomi Satou.



Griss is another of the Four Hounds, tatted up with piercings. He’s a magic user who’s unhinged and brutal. He’s voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda.



Mauvier is the last member of the Four Hounds, the honorable and straightforward warrior (smells like a Camus archetype to me). Though he appears even-keeled, what is he really thinking? He’s voiced by Tomoaki Maeno.



Yunaka is an enigmatic girl you meet on your travels, a go-getter who people are often endeared to quickly. She’s voiced by Ai Fairouz.



Fogato is Timerra’s brother, prince of Solm. She’s inheriting the throne, so he grew up less restrained than her, with a similarly jokey spirit. He’s traveling the country to protect the people of Solm. He’s voiced by KENN.



Hortensia is Ivy’s sister, second princess of Elusia. She’s innocuously spoiled, but loves people close to her. She’s ordered by the King of Elusia to steal Alear’s Emblem Rings. She’s voiced by Hina Kino.



A special Lord to many outside of Japan, Lyn is the Emblem of Blazing, plainswoman of Sacae whose parents were cruelly murdered by bandits. Upon discovering that she’s also a lady of Caelin, and that her grandfather the Marquess yet lives, she journeys to reunite with him. As a nomad of the plains and speed demon, she lends you her sword with flourish. She’s voiced by Makiko Ohmoto.



Son of Lyn’s friend and vaunted hero Eliwood, Roy is the Emblem of Binding, a young lion who despite his inexperience freed the continent of Elibe from the clutches of the tyrannical Zephiel. Despite his youth, he’s got all the makings of a great general and warrior, and promises to lend his assistance. He’s also, colloquially speaking, our boy. He’s voiced by Jun Fukuyama.



Amber is a Brodian knight and Diamant’s retainer. A flowery romanticist full of passion and purity, he loves myths but tends to unintentionally mess up. He’s voiced by Atsushi Tamaru. 



Jade is another of Diamant’s retainers, a very stringent sentinel. Due to her quiet sternness, people think she’s stoic, but she can actually be quite lively. She meditates when she’s in trouble, regardless of context. She’s voiced by Marie Miyake.



Rosado is Hortensia’s retainer and close friend, a bright optimist who pursues the cute and pretty. It’s worth noting that while having a feminine appearance, Rosado is voiced by Shouta Aoi, a male voice actor who has also voiced transfemme characters before. This, in conjunction with their personality and parts of their appearance (namely the color of those little hair horns), suggests that Rosado may be trans or otherwise GNC, though nothing definitive about their gender has been stated yet.



That’s all the characters introduced so far. Check back later as more come to light! Fire Emblem Engage launches on January 20th, 2023.

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