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Pokémon Legends: Arceus is here, drawing players into the Hisui region for an all new kind of adventure. New species and situations can be found throughout, and we’re here to help you fill out your Pokédex! While plenty of what you’ll find will be familiar, some of the brand new Pokémon or regional Hisuian forms you’ll find have unique methods to evolve them. 

Basculegion made quite the splash the moment it was revealed, but that tends to be the case when you’re a haunted fish. That unique idea warrants a unique evolution method, so read on to learn how Basculin can reach its full potential. 


Where to find Basculin in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


Wild Baculin can be found in a few parts of Hisui: 


  • Cobalt Coastlands (Tranquility Cove, Islespy Shore)
  • Coronet Highlands (Fabled Spring)
  • Alabaster Icelands (Lake Acuity, Heart’s Crag)


While Basculin in other regions are most notable for its two forms – Red-Striped and Blue-Striped – Basculin in Hisui instead are White-Striped. This is more a variation akin to its Unovan ones and not a true regional form.


How to evolve Basculin into Basculegion in Pokémon Legends: Arceus



To evolve Basculin into Basculegion, it’ll need to take 300 HP worth of recoil damage. This can be accomplished with moves such as Take Down, Double-Edge, and Head Smash. All of these have traditionally been part of Basculin’s learnset, so once you have one you should use it as much as you can. Just remember to heal, too!


What’s the difference between red and blue Basculegion?


Basculegion has both a red and blue version. These differences in appearance are tied to male and female Basculegion respectively, and have nothing to do with how, where, or when you evolve Basculin.


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