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Pokémon Legends: Arceus has introduced a new way Pokémon’s stats will differ. Gone are EVs and IVs, and instead we’ve got Effort Levels (EL). These remove some of the randomized elements that go into Pokémon catching and training, and instead put bringing out a Pokémon’s maximum potential directly in a trainer’s hands!

Read on to learn more about this unique aspect of your Hisuian adventure, and how to raise Effort Levels.


What are Effort Levels in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?



When you check a summary of your Pokémon,  you’ll see circled numbers next to their stats. These are those stats Effort Levels, and they are randomly determined whenever you catch a Pokémon. On catch, they will potentially range from 0 to 3, and all stats will be rolled separately from each other.

Each Effort Level in a given stat will raise that stat by a set amount. By raising a stat’s Effort Level, the stat will then be bumped up to correspond with the Effort Level. While starting Effort Levels can only range from 0 to 3, they can be raised all the way to 10 in each stat! 


How to raise Effort Levels in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


Effort Levels are not raised by battling certain Pokémon, like EVs were. Instead they are increased using the “Grit” items that have been introduced in Legends. These items, in ascending order, are:


  • Grit Dust
  • Grit Gravel
  • Grit Pebble
  • Grit Rock


You’ll likely need to use all of these to bring out a Pokémon’s full stat potential. Grit Dust can only be used to get an Effort Level as high as 3. After that Grit Gravel must be used until Effort Level 5, Grit Pebbles through Effort Level 8, and finally a Grit Rock to reach Effort Level 10.

It could take a while to grind all of those out, with the higher ranked items being more difficult to come across. Thankfully, you can farm Grit Dust and use it to exchange towards the others.


How to get Grit items in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


Grit Dust can be gained from completing certain Requests, and also from taking on Alpha Pokémon. That said, there’s a more surefire and reliable way to keep things going.

All of the Grit items can be gained by releasing Pokémon. You’ll be catching lots of repeat species to fill out the Pokédex, and letting some of those back out into the wilds of Hisui will reward you! The higher a Pokémon’s level when released, the more potent a Grit item you’ll receive.

Lastly, you can trade up your Grit items by talking with Zisu at the Training Grounds in Jubilife Village. They will exchange at the following rates:


  • 10 Grit Dust for 1 Grit Gravel
  • 10 Grit Gravel for 1 Grit Pebble
  • 10 Grit Pebble for 1 Grit Rock


This ensures that even with small Grit Dust gains, over time you can max out those Effort Levels!


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