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Warning: Story spoilers ahead. If you haven’t beaten the main story campaign yet, turn back now!


With a game called Pokémon Legends: Arceus, it should come as no surprise that Arceus itself is catchable at some point. However, the path you must take to earn Lord Arceus’ respect is a long one, and the hardest task to complete in Legends: Arceus. Here’s what you need to do to add Arceus to your party.


How to find Arceus in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


  • Find all of the hidden plates scattered across the Hitsu region and defeat Giratina. Check out our full guide to catching Giratina for more on that.
  • Once Giratina is defeated, your Celestica Flute will be transformed into the Azure Flute. Give it a toot to speak with Arceus.



Sadly, Arceus will not appear — not yet, at least. Instead, you’ll see a message that reads “Seek out all Pokémon.” That’s right, to move on, you need to complete your Pokédex (with the exception of Darkrai and Shaymin which you can only get if you have save data from other Pokémon games on your console)!

Some of the more difficult Pokémon to track down are the Legendaries scattered throughout the land. Lucky for you, you can check out our full Legendary guide to track them down with ease.



Once you have completed your Pokédex, head back to Coronet Highlands and go north to enter the Temple of Sinnoh. Give that Azure Flute another toot to come face to face with the Legendary Arceus!


How to catch Arceus in Pokémon Legends: Arceus


Like with the other bosses you’ve faced, you have to chuck Balms at Arceus before you have the chance for it to come along with you. Keep in mind, Arceus is no joke. Its attacks are non-stop, so diving is a must through every stage of the battle. When it’s time to take it on in a Pokémon battle, even with a party of 85+ Pokémon, Arceus can still pack a SERIOUS punch. Stay on your toes and finish the fight! When you’re successful, Arceus will join you.


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