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Pokémon Legends: Arceus is approaching fast, and Trainers are ready to turn back the clock and explore Hisui on an all-new kind of adventure! Along the way will be familiar Pokémon made new again thanks to different regional forms. With the added idea of this having been the Sinnoh region in the past, who knows what other mysteries may await. 

Please note that we will continue to update this page as more Hisuian forms are unveiled by Nintendo, so make sure to check back for the latest details.


Hisuian Growlithe – Fire/Rock-type



The first Hisuian form revealed, Hisuian Growlithe gains the Rock-type in addition to its more traditional Fire. The extra fluffy fur of Hisuian Growlithe helps it thrive in the colder climate of Hisui, though its most unique feature is the stony horn atop its head. It’s said they are somewhat isolated from people, but Hisuian Growlithe are known to guard their territory in pairs. 


Hisuian Voltorb – Electric/Grass-type



The exploding ball is back, taking on a wooden appearance to match the more primitive style of Poké Ball in Pokémon Legends. There’s even a hole on the top of its head, which sometimes releases strange seeds. Just how many could be in there…? While its eyebrows and friendly nature can be charming, Hisuian Voltorb are known to release stored electricity when they get too excited. 


Hisuian Zorua – Normal/Ghost-type



Carrying a unique typing and a sad expression, Hisuian Zorua came about from Zorua migrating to the region after being shunned by people upset by their illusions. Unable to adapt to Hisui, they perished before being revived through ghostly energies. They use that newfound power, channeled through their distinct fur, to mimic others and persist on the terror that comes from their transformation. 


Hisuian Zoroark – Normal/Ghost-type



The evolved form of Hisuian Zorua, this take on Zoroark creates frightening illusions through its writhing fur. These illusions are powerful enough to harm others, fueled by an intense malice from the Pokémon’s past experiences. That said, it can show compassion towards others once trust has been formed, becoming both protective and like family in the process. 


Hisuian Braviary – Psychic/Flying-type



A solitary and migratory bird, Hisuian Braviary are just as powerful as their counterparts from Unova. However, they also have Psychic abilities, which they use to imbue their screeches with mind-affecting shockwaves. Once their prey is stunned by these, they fly in and attack with their talons directly. They can use their sixth sense to enter an empowering trance, and can also fly Trainers through the skies of Hisui. 


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