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The Hisui region might have plenty of familiar aspects to it, but along with the new gameplay style comes a handful of brand-new Pokémon species. Some are new forms of familiar monsters, but now some are evolving into something never before seen. Read on to meet these Pokémon that will become a part of your own Legend in the making! 

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Kleavor – Bug/Rock-type



Thanks to special minerals in the Hisui region, Scyther there are able to evolve into the stony Kleavor. Its hardened body and blades sometimes become chipped in battles, which makes them even sharper and shows they’ve survived plenty of fights. The pieces that’ve broken off were once used by the people of Hisui to craft tools. While their axe-like arms are capable of delivering massive blows, they’re also used to carve trees and mark their territory. 


Wyrdeer – Normal/Psychic-type



Wyrdeer play a big part in Hisui’s culture, sharing a bond with the people who call it home. They evolve from Stantler in the region, growing much larger in size and gaining much stronger Psychic powers. The thick, white fur they grow is prized as material for clothes meant to fight the cold, but it’s their antlers that are the most unique. They not only use them as antennae to pathfind and lead young Stantler, but the orbs within emit energy that’s powerful enough to distort space.


Basculegion – Water/Ghost-type



Basculin may’ve been a fairly plain Water-type in its Gen V debut, but in the Hisui region they evolve into a haunted fish that players can ride. Basculegion battles alongside the souls of its fallen comrades, possessed by the ones who couldn’t survive the swim upstream through harsh waters. This and its natural physical ability make it an unrelenting force of anger, entering a frenzy the moment it senses animosity. 


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