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It’s clear that Pokémon Legends: Arceus is a bold step forward for the series, taking things in a new direction when it comes to structure and gameplay. Even though it’s based on the familiar Sinnoh region, which will henceforth be going by its former name of Hisui, some brand-new Pokémon and forms are making their debut in this chronologically distant prequel. 



Two evolutions and two Regional Forms were both featured in the latest Legends: Arceus trailer. Wyrdeer, a noble looking reindeer that will evolve from Stantler, has become indispensable to the Hisui region’s denizens. Its fur is warm and perfect for crafting clothes to stave off the region’s colder temperatures, and will gain the Psychic-type (alongside Stantler’s previous Normal) upon evolution. 



Basculegion is the other brand-new species, being an evolution for Basculin. It also has some of the best Pokémon lore I’ve seen in a long time, being that it’s essentially a Basculin possessed by the souls of comrades who couldn’t manage to make it upstream in the Hisui region. Fittingly for a haunted fish, Basculegion will be a Water/Ghost-type. Both it and Wyrdeer are also rideable, letting players traverse the land and waters of Hisui more easily. 

Another rideable Pokémon this time around is Hisuian Braviary, the first of two Regional Forms introduced for Legends. Now a Psychic/Flying-type, they’re larger and more solitary birds than their Unovan counterparts. It uses its psychic abilities to both stun potential prey and heighten its own strength via meditation, and can be outfitted with a hang glider-like mount for the aforementioned riding. Rufflet is still confirmed as its pre-evolution, though no word on if it’ll have a regional variant was given.



Hisuian Growlithe will also appear in the region, being Fire/Rock-types with fur that’s adapted to retain heat and rocky heads. These break easily, so are only used as last resorts when its comes to offense. Fitting for a Pokémon more clearly modeled after guardian statues, it’s noted for being vigilant and will often take watch over its turf in pairs. No Hisuian Arcanine was shown or mentioned at present either. 



All of these new species and variants can join you when Pokémon Legends: Arceus comes to Nintendo Switch on January 28th, 2022. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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