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After beating Gardenia in Eterna City and obtaining the Forest Badge, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl players will come across a choice they’ll need to make: Should you pick Lucas/Dawn’s left or right hand?

Professor Rowan’s assistant won’t give you any sort of hint as to what you’ll get for picking one over the other, but don’t fret — the decision doesn’t really matter.


Should you pick Lucas/Dawn’s left or right hand?



Once you’ve secured the Forest Badge and have headed south on Route 207, you’ll run into Lucas/Dawn (depending on which player character you selected). After a bit of chit chat from Rowan’s assistant, they’ll explain that they have something for you and will ask you to choose between their left or right hand.

So, which should you choose? Well, the decision doesn’t matter whatsoever, because regardless of the hand you pick, you’ll receive both the Vs. Seeker and the Dowsing Machine.



The Vs. Seeker is a Key Item that allows you to re-battle certain trainers, while the Dowsing Machine is a Pokétch app that lets you pinpoint the locations of hidden items nearby.


How to use the Vs. Seeker


The Vs. Seeker is a great way to farm Exp. and money — simply stand near a trainer you’ve already defeated and use the Vs. Seeker. Two red exclamation points will appear over the trainer’s head if they can be re-challenged, and they’ll have stronger Pokémon than before. After using the Vs. Seeker, you’ll need to walk 100 steps to recharge it. It’s a pretty good gift from Lucas/Dawn, huh?


How to use the Dowsing Machine


You can access the Dowsing Machine from your Pokétch by hitting “R” and then pressing the big, red Pokétch button to navigate to the app. By pressing “A,” you’ll be able to locate any hidden items that may be nearby. They’ll appear as small dots on the Pokétch screen; then, you can simply walk over to where the item is said to be and collect it.


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