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Pokémon’s fourth generation was full of evolutions, including a handful that utilized newly introduced held items to trigger them. These can happen by either leveling up or being traded while holding the necessary item, though a few have additional requirements, such as being locked to a certain time. One of these evolutions is Weavile, the Gen IV evolution of Gen II’s Sneasel.

Read on to learn where to find Sneasel and eventually evolve it into Weavile!



Where to find Sneasel in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Like Gligar, Sneasel was another Gen II Pokémon that gained an item-based evolution in Diamond and Pearl. Unlike that one though, Sneasel can be readily found in Sinnoh’s snowier areas. Catch one there, or in a frigid Pokémon Hideaway of the Great Underground, and you’ll be a step closer to a complete Sinnoh Dex.

Here are all the locations Sneasel can be found in Pokémon BDSP:


Route 216RandomDay25%32 - 33
Route 216RandomMorning25%32 - 33
Route 216RandomNight25%32 - 33
Route 217RandomDay25%34 - 35
Route 217RandomMorning25%34 - 35
Route 217RandomNight25%34 - 35
Acuity LakefrontRandomDay25%34 - 35
Acuity LakefrontRandomMorning25%34 - 35
Acuity LakefrontRandomNight25%34 - 35
Lake AcuityRandomDay25%35 - 36
Lake AcuityRandomMorning25%35 - 36
Lake AcuityRandomNight25%35 - 36
Snowpoint Temple - 1FRandomAll Day35%50 - 52
Snowpoint Temple - B1FRandomAll Day35%52 - 54
Snowpoint Temple - B2FRandomAll Day35%52 - 54
Snowpoint Temple - B3FRandomAll Day35%52 - 54
Snowpoint Temple - B4FRandomAll Day35%54 - 56
Snowpoint Temple - B5FRandomAll Day35%54 - 56
Grand Underground - Whiteout CaveGrand UndergroundIcicle BadgeN/A42 - 63
Grand Underground - Icy CaveGrand UndergroundIcicle BadgeN/A42 - 63
Grand Underground - Glacial CavernGrand UndergroundIcicle BadgeN/A42 - 63

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How to evolve Sneasel into Weavile in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


To evolve Sneasel into Weavile, you’ll need to have Sneasel hold a Razor Claw and then level up at night.


Where to find a Razor Claw in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


You can find a Razor Claw on Route 224 (by Surfing south from the beach) or on the first floor of Sinnoh’s Victory Road near a Veteran. You can also buy one from the Battle Tower for 5 BP.


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