FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch detailed by EA

Categories: News, Switch

Today at EA Play 2017, we have a few more details regarding FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch. The game is being designed with the system in mind, with the game’s various modes supporting a single Joy-Con, both, or Pro Controllers. For graphical specs, the game will run 1080p in docked…

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Pokémon GO’s ARKit upgrades detailed

Categories: News, Mobile

During Apple’s WWDC ‘17 this week, we reported on the company’s new ARKit for developers and how Niantic would be taking advantage of the tech to improve Pokémon GO’s Augmented Reality capabilities. Now, Niantic officially posted a small update on the company blog about what will come to Pokémon GO…

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy heading to the Nintendo 3DS

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News, 3DS

Been wanting to dive into even more Picross puzzles on your Nintendo 3DS? Well, Square Enix has your back, with the announcement of Pictlogica Final Fantasy. Originally released for Japanese iOS and Android devices way back in 2013, Pictlogica is developed by Jupiter, the studio behind the Picross e series…

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Capcom registers Monster Hunter World in the US

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: News, 3DS, Switch

We’ve had our fair share of Monster Hunter news coming out of Japan lately, and sadly, those of us in North America have been forced to watch amazing announcements like Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch with no confirmation of localization. Well, Monster Hunter fans, your luck might have…

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Nintendo Summer of Play 2017 photo tour

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: News, Merchandise, Switch

We’re live from the Nintendo Summer of Play Tour in Irvine, California! The event is jam-packed with Nintendo games, including ARMS, Mario Kart and Splatoon 2. There’s also a huge selection of swag that you can earn by playing upcoming games. You can check out some of our images below,…

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Watch Biff break down the 2017 ARMS Open Invitational

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Switch

It’s no stretch to say that Nintendo’s putting a lot of faith in ARMS, especially with a full tournament for the upcoming game taking the stage at E3. This eight player tourney will be half open, half invitational. Anyone attending E3 has a shot at one of the four open…

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Catch a sneak peek of Nintendo’s E3 booth

Categories: News, Amiibo News

A handful of new photos providing glimpses of Nintendo’s E3 2017 booth surfaced today, courtesy of Twitter user Wario64. By the looks of it, Super Mario Odyssey will be present in a big way — judging by that massive New Donk City set piece on display, perhaps hinting towards the…

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