Nintendo Wire’s Favorite Gen 1 Pokémon

Categories: Retro

Pokémon, the phenomenon that rocked both eastern and western culture 20 years ago, has somehow managed to do it again. After its launch in July, Pokémon GO managed to capture the loyal, recapture the lapsed, and introduce new generations to the monsters that stole our hearts two decades ago. The…

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Daily Deals: 10/21/16

Author: Jason Ganos

Hardware Lime Green New 3DS XL with Super Mario World ($199.99) Toys Pre-Orders Dark Horse Skyward Sword Link Statue ($24.87) Zelda from Twilight Princess Figma Link from Twilight Princess Figma Link DX from Twilight Princess Figma Zero Suit Samus Figma pre-order at Amazon Meta Knight Nendoroid ($44.99 at Play-Asia) Fire Emblem…

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Nintendo’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2016 is here

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: Merchandise

Just like last year, Nintendo’s getting prepped for the holiday season in October. And hey, you won’t hear any complaining from us when it comes to checking out current and upcoming products! The 2016 Holiday Gift Guide once again provides us with a comprehensive guide to games, consoles, amiibo and…

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Badge Arcade News: 10/21/16

Categories: 3DS

Pixel Pokémon badges continue to trickle in the Arcade, with today’s lone catcher featuring Generation VI grass and Ice-types. Free play?: Not today. At least these Bellossoms are handling the news quite well. Practice catcher: Better catch ‘em all quick though, because today’s new catcher is fleeing the Arcade first…

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Extended trailer for Pokémon Sun & Moon anime

Categories: News

A new extended trailer for the upcoming Pokémon Sun & Moon anime has launched! Most importantly, the two minute video has revealed to us that the Sun & Moon arc of the anime will make its debut on TV Tokyo in Japan with an hourlong special episode on November 17th,…

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Here’s what publishers are saying about the Switch

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: Switch

A huge lineup of game developers and publishers was provided during today’s trailer announcing Nintendo’s brand new home console x handheld hybrid, the Switch. It’s no surprise that fans are excited to see so many new games ready for the upcoming system, and naturally, the hype is building even more…

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A brief Q & A about the Switch via Famitsu

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: News, Switch

After its reveal yesterday, Nintendo is sure to be bombarded with questions about the Switch leading up to a more formal showing of the console. One of the first publications to manage a brief Q & A was Japanese magazine Famitsu, who had a few key questions. First and foremost…

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