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As the second ability you’ll procure on your quest, Fuse is instrumental to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Obtained after starting (and clearing) the In-isa Shrine on the starting Great Sky Island, Fuse allows you to meld objects to your weapons, shields, and arrows for a variety of effects. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to use Fuse in Tears of the Kingdom.



How do you Fuse objects?


Have a weapon or shield on hand you want to enhance and simply tap L with Fuse equipped (or hold L and down to pick it from the Ability wheel). Then, target the object you want to attach, and press Y to attach it to your weapon, or ZL to attach it to your shield.

Fusing objects to arrows is a bit different. The material must be in your inventory to start off – nock an arrow by holding ZR, then press Up on the directional buttons to bring up your Materials. Press Left and Right to pick what to Fuse, then press A to attach it to your arrow. Simply release ZR to let it fly!



Keep in mind that you can destroy the objects attached to your Fused weapons or shields at any time by going to the pause menu. This will free up the base item so you can Fuse another object to it. It’s handy if you’ve got good base items around that can utilize your surroundings most effectively.


What objects are good to Fuse to weapons?


There are three primary kinds of objects to fuse to weapons – environmental objects like rocks, materials like Amber, and other weapons. 

Fusing rocks and stones to your weapons is good for utility purposes – attaching a rock or boulder to a two handed weapon will make a cudgel or hammer that’s useful for smashing stones and other containers open with blunt force. Attaching a stone to a one handed weapon makes an axe good for slicing vines or chopping wood. You can also attach boards or leaves to weapons to create fanlike implements that create wind.

Fusing materials depends a lot on the specific one. Each material has a listed Fuse Attack Power it will add to a weapon just by being attached – you can see these on the pause menu. But some can add properties to weapons that go beyond their stated power boost – for example, fusing a Ruby, Sapphire, or Topaz to a weapon essentially turns it into a magical rod that casts Fire, Ice, or Thunder at enemies. Attaching Zonaite materials to Zonaite weapons adds extra attack power due to unique properties. Experiment with possibilities!



Fusing weapons together is usual a simple additive process of sticking their attack powers together. This is a good, simple way to get some high damage weapons, and also tends to increase their range significantly. This is especially so for two pole arms, which will form a twenty meter stick to play keep away with. In these cases, the Fused weapon will tend to break off before the base weapon does, so if you manage your resources correctly you can keep one powerful weapon around for quite a while.


What objects are good to Fuse to shields?


Shields tend to do best with other environmental objects fused onto them. This can manifest in creative implements, like a mine cart that turns a shield into a makeshift skateboard when you shield surf, or an explosive barrel that spells doom for your enemies if they strike. Do keep in mind the composition of your shield when picking such objects – wooden shields aren’t going to handle fire as well. In terms of materials, spring implements like mushrooms can push enemies away, or even release smoke to obscure vision when struck.



Zonai devices are also excellent choices to attach to shields. Put on a fan or spring to push enemies away, a fire breathing device to set the field alight, or an actual light to illuminate dark caves and the depths. Be sure to watch your battery meter usage, though!


What objects are good to Fuse to arrows?


Fusing materials to arrows will imbue them with specific properties. Fire Fruit are plentiful and turn normal arrows into powerful Fire Arrows, so they’re a great first option in a fight. Monster materials like White Chuchu Jelly can also attach elemental properties to arrows, so don’t underestimate them. Meanwhile, attaching a Bomb Flower does… well, exactly what you think it does. Be careful not to fire too closely, though.

Attaching Lightbloom Seeds to arrows is vital in dark caves or especially the depths, as it’s the only way you’ll be able to effectively light up your surroundings. Eyeballs from Keese and other monsters grant your arrows homing properties, while wings will enable them to fly farther, making them good options for novice aimers or stealthy sneakers. Finally, you can also just add materials onto arrows for some raw stat-boosting power, if the situation calls for it.



Those are the basics of Fusing, though you’ll want to tinker with the mechanic on your own to discover the combinations that work best for you. Never stop experimenting! The game breaker might just be lurking around the corner.


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