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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild featured a huge variety of armor pieces to be found all across Hyrule, and they were by far the best way for players to express their individuality during their playthroughs. Armor pieces are back in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and this time around there’s a trendsetting fashionista whose mushroom-inspired designs have taken all of Hyrule by storm. Cece is her name, and trendy fashions are her game. She has made the Armor Shop in Hateno Village her home, renaming it Ventest Clothing. If you make the trip to Hateno to visit her you’ll see her latest piece on display: the stunningly ostentatious Cece Hat. It is indeed a collectable, equippable piece of armor that Link can get his hands on, but you’re gonna have to work for it.



How to get the Cece Hat in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Talk to Cece in Hateno’s Armor Shop, Ventest Clothing


Make your way to Hateno Village. It’s most easily accessible by following the road from the Dueling Peaks Stable just east of the Dueling Peaks and south of Kakariko Village. As you enter the village and make your way past the farms on your left, you’ll see a crowd of mushroom-hatted people outside of the Armor Shop, excitedly talking about Cece’s newest product. The woman outside of the shop, Sophie, explains that only one person is allowed in at a time, and the Cece fans decide that they will come back later rather than let one of them see the product before the others.



If you go speak to Sophie after they’ve left, she’ll gladly let you in to wonder at Cece’s latest achievement. Once you enter you’ll find Cece admiring her own work at the back of the room, and if you speak to her she’ll show you the Cece Hat, but let you know that she will only let the most fashionable person in all of Hyrule have it.

At this point, the mayor of Hateno Village, Reede, will burst into the shop with his wife, demanding that Cece stop turning Hateno into a fashion hub and allow it to return to a village of vegetables like it always has been. Cece and Reede will agree to compete against each other to be the Mayor of Hateno and decide its future.

From this point there are several quests around Hateno Village that must be completed in order to get the Cece Hat.


Team Cece or Team Reede?


The first quest you must complete is given by Cece, and she’ll ask you to influence the unfashionable Reede supporters in Hateno Village by gifting them a Hylian Shroom from Cece. She will supply 8 Hylian Shrooms when she gives this quest.

The eight NPCs you need to give Hylian Shrooms to can be found all over Hateno:


  • Koyin – Can be found on the Dock at Hateno Pasture on the eastern outskirts of the village.
  • Dantz – Can be found in the building at Hateno Pasture on the eastern outskirts of the village.
  • Leop – Can be found wandering around Hateno Village.
  • Worten – Can be found in Hateno’s Inn, hiding around the corner from his wife.
  • Medda – Can be found on his Hylian Tomato farm, behind the houses east of Armor Shop.
  • Uma – Can be found near the empty field east of the Hateno schoolhouse until around 5:00 pm
  • Tamana – Can be found guarding the village gate in the mornings
  • Tokk – Can be found heading up the road past Hateno Pasture on the way to the laboratory, and is easily found near Hateno Pasture in the mornings around 9 a.m.



Report back to Cece to complete this quest.


A New Signature Food


In order to initiate this quest, speak with Reede in his home (next door to the Inn in the heart of Hateno Village. Reede will explain that he wants to develop a new signature food for Hateno to promote, and thinks this will influence his chances in the upcoming election. He will drop hits about a food that his grandfather worked with someone in the village to develop and mention that it was pungent and gooey, but he can’t remember what it is. He knows that if he smells it he will remember it.

To complete this quest you need to bring him some Hateno Cheese, which you can only obtain after completing the sidequest “A Letter to Koyin.”

Bring the Hateno Cheese from Koyin to Reede, he will smell the cheese and remember that this is the food his grandfather was working on, completing the quest.


A Letter to Koyin


  • This quest is a prerequisite to completing “A New SIgnature Food.”
  • You’ll need to speak to Koyin, who can be found on the dock near Hateno Pasture.
  • Speaking with Koyin will reveal that she found a message in a bottle from her Great grandfather, but it’s lost out in the middle of the pond.
  • You can use Link’s Ultrahand ability to put logs cut from nearby trees together in order to make a raft to retrieve the bottle with Ultrahand.
  • Use Ultrahand to bring bottle near Koyin on the dock and speak with her. She will read the message and use the recipe contained within to make Hateno Cheese.
  • Speak with Koyin inside of the Hateno Pasture building and she will reward you with a piece of her newly created Hateno Cheese.


Reede’s Secret


  • After starting this whole chain of quests by visiting Cece for the first time, you’ll find Mayor Reede’s wife, Clavia wandering around town. Speaking with her will reveal that she thinks that Reede has a secret that could cost him the election, and she wants you to find out what it is.
  • Clavia will ask that you infiltrate Reede’s shed during the day when he isn’t in there and find out what he’s hiding in the shed. The only problem is that the door is locked, and she wonders if you have some way to dig into the shed.
  • Reede’s shed is just outside his home, make sure to mark it on the map.
  • You’ll need to Ascend into Reede’s shed from below, so head into the nearby well, which is just down the cliff to and to the north a bit from Reede’s shed.
  • While exploring the well, make your way directly underneath the mark you made on your map for Reede’s shed, make sure it’s still during the day, and use Ascend to get up into the shed.
  • Here you’ll find Reede’s Journal, which explains that he has been working with one of the farmers in the village to develop a pumpkin that embodies Cece’s aesthetic and appeals to young people.
  • Report this information back to Clavia, which will complete the quest.


Here you can see Link looking down from Reede’s shed, and the closest well you can use to get into the shed below is in view.


Cece’s Secret


  • After starting this whole chain of quests by visiting Cece for the first time, you can talk to Sophie outside of Cece’s shop, and she’ll express worries that Cece is up to something in the middle of the night, but isn’t sure what it is. She’s worried that if word gets out that Cece is sneaking around, it could cost Cece the election. She’ll request that you follow Cece to see where she’s going at night.
  • Wait until nightfall and you’ll see Cece leave her shop and start walking towards the silo across the street. Follow her from a distance until you see her enter the silo through the door on the front.
  • If you enter the silo through the door, Cece will kick you out and you’ll learn nothing. Instead, climb the outside of the silo and enter through the small window by crouching and you’ll be able to spy on Cece, at which point you’ll discover she’s chowing down on a bunch of fresh Hatebo vegetables.
  • Report your findings back to Sophie to complete the quest.


You’ll spy on Cece with this silo window.


The Mayoral Election


After completing all of the above side quests, go speak to Cece and you’ll receive the quest The Mayoral Election. Speaking with Sophie during a day when it is not raining will trigger a cutscene featuring the election where everyone’s secrets will come out and Cece and Reede will decide that the best thing for Hateno Village would be for the both of them to work together to make Hateno the home of both great vegetables and great fashion. Once the cutscene ends the quest is completed.

Now that the long chain of side quests involving Hateno Village’s mayoral election is complete, you can visit Cece in her shop, where she will gift you the Cece Hat in all its glory as thanks for helping her see what Hateno Village really needs.


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