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Link’s now iconic Champion’s Tunic from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild returns in the game’s sequel Tears of the Kingdom as the “Champion’s Leathers,” and you can acquire it pretty early on – if you know where to look. Read on for more info about how to get the armor:

First, you’ll want to unlock Lookout Landing’s Skyview Tower, which fortunately is the first you can access in the game. After you do so, you’ll be able to launch into the sky quite high in central Hyrule – upon doing so, you’ll want to Glide towards Hyrule Castle. Doing so requires a good deal of stamina – you’ll either need to upgrade your gauge a few times (about three should do), give yourself extra stamina with an Endurance Carrot meal, or simply refill your stamina with a different kind of meal mid flight. Either way, you should land on the first floor edge of Hyrule Castle.

From there, walk into the first, central room of the castle: the Sanctum, where the climax of the last game took place. Light the two braziers around the top of the stairs near the bird statue – Fire Fruit + Arrows should do. Do so, and the statue will move, revealing a chest with the Champion’s Leathers inside!



The Leathers has a pretty high starting armor stat of 5, which is nice for when you obtain it. Unlike Breath of the Wild, it comes with no fancy perk, unfortunately, as its previous HP-meter-spotting ability is now universal. Still a nice throwback that’s relatively simple to obtain!



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