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One of the most invaluable assets to acquire early on in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is undoubtedly the Glide Shirt. This remarkable armor piece grants Link the ability to effortlessly soar through the air while descending, greatly enhancing his precision in landing and expanding his travel distance. However, akin to numerous other items within the game, unearthing this elusive treasure can prove to be quite challenging during a casual playthrough.


Where do I find the Glide Shirt?


The Glide Shirt is a reward you receive from a Steward Construct after successfully completing a diving challenge at Courage Island. To reach Courage Island, head to Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower, located just north of Hyrule Ridge, and launch yourself skyward. From there, head south and you’ll spot a large floating island spiraling in the sky.



To begin your quest, ascend to the highest point of Courage Island and seek out an emerald circle radiating in mid-air. Interacting with it triggers a thrilling minigame in which Link must skillfully navigate through descending rings. Upon reaching the ground, approach a nearby Steward Construct who presents an enticing challenge: complete the rings within a tight 35-second timeframe to claim a well-earned reward. However, be aware that each attempt necessitates a Zonai charge. Triumph over this trial and the coveted Glide Shirt shall be bestowed upon you!



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