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Besides the Master Sword and Triforce, one of the most iconic items found in the Legend of Zelda franchise has to be the iconic Hylian Shield. The blue and red shield has been a part of Zelda from almost the beginning, and Tears of the Kingdom is no different. In fact, you can get the legendary item rather early in the game, assuming you know where to look.


Where can I find the Hylian Shield?


The Hylian Shield is located in an abandoned dock area under Hyrule Castle. Unfortunately, it can be a bit tricky to spot. The easiest way that you can get there is by flying to the mark we’ve placed on the image below, which is located on north end of the castle. Make sure you’re actually on the castle itself though, or you may have trouble reaching the area.



Once you reach that spot. Use your paraglider and slowly glide down to a small opening to on the left. Arrive at the docks by entering the area marked by the star above.

Once inside, you will find a cave the looks like it was used as a shipyard before the fall of Hyrule. Look around and go up the staircase near the back. You are extremely close now! Unfortunately, one final obstacle stands in your way. An extremely difficult set of Phantom hands will emerge from the ground. You can either fight them, or simply jump down and cling to the wall of the staircase for about a minute. After a while, the monster gets bored and de-spawns. Once that happens, continue up the stairs until you find a large fire pit in the center of the room. Light it up with a fire arrow to reveal a chest!



Open the chest, and that’s it! You have found not only one of the most iconic swords in Zelda history, but the most powerful shield in the game!



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