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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sees Link letting his hair down, switching things up from the now-iconic ponytail he had in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Players who are fans of the old hairstyle need not fret, however, as there is a way to tie Link’s hair back up to resemble his Breath of the Wild look.

Link’s ponytail can be brought back with the new Armor piece, the Well-Worn Hair Band, which is pretty easily found if you explore an iconic location from Breath of the Wild.

First, make your way to Hateno Village, and head to the southern outskirts of town, where you’ll find a house that players will remember as Link’s house, provided they bought it from Bolson.



A bit of exploring will reveal that the house may no longer belong to Link, at least not entirely, as it’s clear from talking to the people of Hateno (and from some of the decoration) that Zelda lives in this home. In addition to Zelda’s additions to the home and place settings for two on the table, you can find Zelda’s journal on a desk upstairs near the bed. Reading the journal will reveal a bit about Zelda’s efforts to restore Hyrule and Hateno Village specifically, but it will also reveal that Zelda had Bolson build a secret room for her in the home where she can study her research in peace.



A bit more exploring will lead to the well out back behind the house, which a Discovery message will reveal is Zelda’s Secret Well. Hopping (or climbing, if you’re boring) into the well, you’ll see Zelda’s study, complete with a readable diary, and a treasure chest. The diary hints at where to find Link’s new Champion’s Tunic, but the treasure chest has what we’re really here for. Opening the chest will reward players with the Well-Worn Hair Band, which, when equipped, will give Link his Breath of the Wild ponytail back.



Unfortunately, the Well-Worn Hair Band offers 0 defense, and can’t be worn with any other Armor pieces designed for Link’s head, but for nostalgia’s sake it’ll do just fine.



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