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It’s finally here! The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is now available, and like Breath of the Wild before it, the game is chock-full of amazing amiibo functionality.


Are all amiibo compatible with Tears of the Kingdom?


Yes! While all amiibo are compatible with Tears of the Kingdom for random item drops, Zelda series amiibo unlock even more. See the table below for everything you can unlock.


What do amiibo unlock?



All amiibo provide a chance to unlock a wide variety of items like fish, meat, and weapons. Zelda series amiibo, however, give you the chance to unlock special items and costumes and paraglider fabric. See below for the full list!


Guide – How to unlock all classic ‘Zelda’ costumes in Tears of the Kingdom


How often can I scan amiibo?


You can scan each amiibo one time each day.


Does every character have a unique paraglider?


From what we can tell, each Zelda series amiibo has a unique paraglider fabric to unlock.


AmiiboUnlockParaglider Fabric
8bit-link-450x483Pixel Fabric - Hero Clothing Set - Random Equipment8-Bit Link Paraglider
amiibo_Link_LinksAwakening_char-320x344Egg Fabric - Link's Awakening Costume Set - Random EquipmentLinks Awakening Paraglider
Link-450x483Epona - Random Equipment
Ocarina-of-time-link-450x483Lon Lon Fabric - Hero of Time Costume Set - Random EquipmentOcarina of Time Paraglider
mmlink-320x344Majora's Mask Fabric - Fierce Deity Costume - Fierce Deity Sword majoras mask paraglider
Skyward-Sword-LKink-320x344Twilight Fabric - Hero of Twilight Costume - Epona -twilight fabric
SS-Link-320x344Sword Spirit Fabric - Sky Costume Set - White Sword of the Skyskyward sword paraglider
Lg3hxNGjRCh6zCFXO16DHYu0S-twCWQz-450x483Twilight Fabric - Meattwilight fabric
zelda-breathofthewild-amiibo-archer-450x503Breath of the Wild Tunic Fabric - Misc Equipmentbreath of the wild paraglider
windwaker-link-450x483Red Lions Fabric - Wind Waker Costume Set - windwaker paraglider
Young-Link-amiibo-320x344Lon Lon Fabric - Hero of Time CostumeOcarina of Time Paraglider
Toon-Link-450x483Red Lions Fabric - Wind Waker Costume Set windwaker paraglider
zelda-breathofthewild-amiibo-horse_rider-450x503Hood Fabric - Misc Equipmentrider link paraglider
8pX4O4yaBPaMfHfTm-guHVWJ9SN9tJRL-320x344Hyrule Princess Fabric - Misc Itemsbotw zelda paraglider
Smash Zelda-450x483Princess of Twilight Fabric - Misc ItemsTwilight Princess Zelda Paraglider
Zelda-450x483Toon Zelda Fabric - Misc Itemstoon zelda paraglider
zelda-loftwing-amiibo-320x420Goddess Fabric - Misc ItemsZelda loftwing paraglidder
Ganondorf-450x483Demon King Fabric - Dusk Claymoreganondorf paraglider
zelda-breathofthewild-amiibo-guardian-450x503Ancient Fabric - Misc Itemsguardian paraglider
YV8-zLn4XA4HeDU6Mydvx6zITD3XyTXD-320x344Bokoblin Fabric - Misc Itemsbokoblin paraglider
Sheik-450x483Sheik Fabric - Sheik Costume Set - Misc Itemssheik paraglider
Daruk-320x358Goron Fabric - Vah Rudania Divine HelmGoron paraglider
Mipha-320x358Zora Fabric - Vah Ruta Divine Helm - Misc Itemsmipha paraglider
Revali-320x358Rito Fabric - Vah Medoh Divine Helmrito paraglider
Urbosa-320x358Gerudo Fabric - Vah Naboris Divine Helm - Misc Itemsurbosa paraglider


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