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Tears of the Kingdom, the Legend of Zelda game, is packed with abundant content. While you’re engaged in the main story quests, you may come across a particularly challenging side quest on the roof of the Temple of Time in the Sky Island. The side quest known as “Legend of the Great Sky Island” requires Link to light three large fires scattered across the Great Sky Island within a span of 12 in-game hours. The tricky part is that once the quest begins, you must avoid touching the ground. Despite the apparent difficulty, it can be a breeze with the right equipment.


How to Trigger the “Legend of the Great Sky Island” Side Quest


Take to the skies and make your way to the Temple of Time. Utilize your preferred method of travel to reach the roof of the temple and speak to the Steward Construct to activate the quest.



How to Light the Three Fires in the “Legend of the Great Sky Island” Side Quest


Your initial instinct might be to construct a device for effortless flying around the islands to light the fires, however, the easiest and most effective method is to use the Zora Armor, which enables Link to swim up the numerous waterfalls scattered around the islands. Not only will these waterfalls provide enough height to easily locate the fire pits, but Link’s stamina meter will also replenish as he swims up a waterfall, granting him almost unlimited stamina. Refer to the map below to find the precise locations of each fire pit.



If you find yourself needing to land somewhere, rest assured that landing in water will not cause the quest to fail. In fact, if you run out of stamina while in water, you’ll be automatically transported back to the roof of the Temple of Time without failing the quest. Once all three fires are lit, fly back to the roof of the temple to complete the quest.


Reward for Completing the “Legend of the Great Sky Island” Side Quest



Upon successfully completing the quest, speak to the Steward Construct to receive the Zonai Fabric, one of the most exquisite paraglider fabrics available in the game. Additionally, the Steward Construct will regale you with a captivating story.


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