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One of the biggest new additions I noticed right away when playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was the introduction of a new status effect called Gloom. Like with the red and black malice that was present in Breath of the Wild, Gloom is not something you want to come in contact with, and if you do, it’s best you get away as quickly as possible. Here’s everything we know about the infamous Gloom and the best ways to get rid of its crippling effects.


What is Gloom?


Gloom is a Malice-like substance found in various locations in Tears of the Kingdom. This red and black goo is typically found surrounding Hyrule Castle, but its main home is located in the depths below Hyrule. Like with Malice, touching Gloom will hurt you. However, the biggest change comes in the form of losing the ability of replenishing hearts when being in contact with Gloom too long. After each second or so standing in Gloom, you’ll notice your hearts changing to a broken heart icon.


That’s no good.


This means that eating food or taking a healing elixir will not refill those hearts until the status effect is removed. Stand even longer in Gloom, and the hearts can be removed entirely. Trust me, if you’re in a boss fight and aren’t equipped to remove this effect, you’re going to have a terrible time…


How do I recover broken hearts caused by Gloom?


Luckily, the effects of Gloom are not permanent, however, only a few things will cure its effects. The first and easiest way is sunlight. If you’re outside, this effect is naturally taken care of pretty quickly. However, if you go to where Gloom lives underground, things get a bit trickier. You can find large flower-like plants called Lightroots scattered around the underground sections of Hyrule. Bathing in this light will cure Link of his Gloomies.



You can also collect a handy flower called Sundelions that, when cooked, can cure the Gloom status effect. These plants are usually located in the Sky Islands, so make sure you collect as many as you can when you stumble on them. Cook a few of them with some meat or fish to have an instant cure against Gloom when you need it the most.


How do I protect against Gloom with armor and items?



Another way you can protect against Gloom is by making elixirs that give you more time to navigate it before the effects set in. The main ingredient in these concoctions is something called a Dark Clump. These can be purchased by trading 10 Poes to the creepy statue in Lookout Landing. Later in the game, you can even purchase a special Tunic from a statue in the depths for 150 Poes that will give you a short period of Gloom immunity.


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