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The final chapter in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s story is finally here! The Mochi Mayhem Epilogue is now available for players to enjoy. The event does require having completed the story of the base game, the Teal Mask, and the Indigo Disk, so be sure to do those first if you haven’t already. The epilogue will serve as a short story to wrap up everything in a nice bow, and to allow the player to obtain Paldea’s very first (and only) Mythical Pokémon.


How do I begin the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Epilogue?


In order to begin the event, one must first obtain the Mythical Pecha Berry item. This can be done by opening the Poké Portal, selecting Mystery Gift, and then selecting “Get via Internet” to receive the aforementioned berry. 



The next step is to travel to Kitakami and visit the stand called Peachy’s. Trainers may recall that Kieran could be found here during a part of the Teal Mask storyline – it’s due east of the Community Center in Mossui Town. To initiate the event, interact with the purple doll-like object to the left of the person working the stand. Upon doing so, the decoration will appear to move slightly and then Arven will call the player to initiate the Mochi Mayhem Epilogue.



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