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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet may be full of its fair share of bugs: some funny and some downright game-breaking. But, believe it or not, one bug is actually pretty darn useful and can help you get Shiny Pokémon in a fraction of the about of time as traditional hunting. The best part is, you can do this trick at any point in the game, not just after you roll the credits. Here’s how to perform what’s been called the “Shiny Picnic Reset Method”:


1. Find a Mass Outbreak


The first thing you need to do for this trick to work is to find yourself a Mass Outbreak of Pokémon. Mass Outbreaks can be easily found on the world map by looking for Pokémon icons with a red glowing symbols behind them.


2. Battle Pokémon using Let’s GO mode


Once you find a Mass Outbreak, press “R” to send your lead Pokémon out and start knocking out Pokémon using Let’s Go mode. Keep track of how many you knock out. If you knock out 30, your Shiny chances double. Knock out 60, and you’ll get three Shiny rolls (meaning the game will re-roll your odds of encountering a Shiny three times) instead of one! That’s a 1/1035 chance!



3. Set up a picnic


Once you knock out 60 Pokémon, simply set up a picnic from the main menu. Once the picnic is set up, close out of it right away and check the Pokémon around you. For what ever reason, every time you start a picnic, all the Pokémon on the map de-spawn. Closing out of the picnic respawns all of the Pokémon with a new Shiny roll!



Continue to use this method until a Shiny finally spawns. For me, it took about 20 picnics for my Shiny to finally show up!


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