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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are finally here and there are loads of Pokémon to discover and evolve in the Paldea region. Today, we’re going to take a look at the mysterious Paradox Pokémon!

At the time of this writing, we’ve identified 14 Paradox Pokémon in total. You can find a full list below.


Pokémon Appearance Pokémon NameTypeFamilyPokéDex EntryVersion Found
7Great TuskGround/FightingDonphanSightings of this Pokémon have occurred in recent years. The name Great Tusk was taken from a creature listed in a certain book.Scarlet
8Brute BonnetGrass/DarkAmoongussIt is possible that the creature listed as Brute Bonnet in a certain book could actually be this Pokémon.Scarlet
sandy-shocksSandy Shocks Electric/GroundMagnetonNo records exist of this Pokémon being caught. Data is lacking, but the Pokémon’s traits match up with a creature shown in an expedition journal.Scarlet
9Scream TailFairy/PsychicJigglypuffThere has been only one reported sighting of this Pokémon. It resembles a mysterious creature depicted in an old expedition journal.Scarlet
10Flutter ManeGhost/FairyMisdreavusThis Pokémon has characteristics similar to those of Flutter Mane, a creature mentioned in a certain book.Scarlet
unnamedSlither Wing Bug/FightingVolcaronaThis mysterious Pokémon has some similarities to a creature that an old book introduced as Slither Wing.Scarlet
unnamedRoaring Moon Dragon/DarkSalamence It is possible that this is the creature listed as Roaring Moon in an expedition journal that still holds many mysteries.Scarlet
1Iron TreadsGround/SteelDonphanThis Pokémon closely resembles a scientific weapon that a paranormal magazine claimed was sent to this planet by aliens.Violet
iron-mothIron MothFire/PoisonVolcaronaThis Pokémon resembles an unknown object described in a paranormal magazine as a UFO sent to observe humanity.Violet
3Iron Hands Fighting/ElectricHariyamaIt is very similar to a cyborg covered exclusively by a paranormal magazine. The cyborg was said to be the modified form of a certain athlete.Violet
4Iron Jugulis Dark/FlyingHydreigonIt resembles a certain Pokémon introduced in a paranormal magazine, described as the offspring of a Hydreigon that fell in love with a robot.Violet
5Iron Thorns Rock/ElectricTyranitar It has some similarities to a Pokémon introduced in a dubious magazine as a Tyranitar from one billion years into the future.Violet
iron-bundleIron Bundle Ice/WaterDelibirdIts shape is similar to a robot featured in a paranormal magazine article. The robot was said to have been created by an ancient civilization.Violet
6Iron Valiant Fairy/FightingGallade or GardevoirIt has some similarities to a mad scientist’s invention covered in a paranormal magazine.Violet


How to find Paradox Pokémon


At the moment, it appears that Paradox Pokémon are directly tied to the Scarlet Book and Violet Book, ancient texts that account an uncharted area in the Paldea region.



Come back soon for more details on how to locate Paradox Pokémon, as we’ll be updating the page when more details come to light.


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