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Undeniably the two most appreciated returning Pokémon added in The Indigo Disk for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are Blitzle and Zebstrika. Up until this point, these two haven’t been able to be caught in the wild for almost a decade! Needless to say that fans were excited to see them return, but even better, there is actually a free Shiny Blitzle for players to claim!

In order to receive the Shiny Blitzle, the secret boss of Blueberry Academy must first be unlocked, which requires Trainers to trade with at least ten of the special coaches. The special coaches can be invited to the academy for 200 BP each time, and after three visits each they will offer to trade one of their Pokémon with the player. A golden ring will appear around the character’s portrait after they have been traded with, so keeping track of who still needs to be invited is fairly straightforward. Only the eight Gym Leaders will be available at first, but the process of unlocking more simply requires trading with them, so by working towards unlocking the secret boss the rest will be unlocked in the process.

After successfully trading with ten coaches, the option to battle the secret boss is unlocked on the support board. Upon paying the 10 BP it is revealed that the boss is director Cyrano, the actual strongest Trainer in the academy. His team consists only of Unova Pokémon, all between level 86 and 87, so be sure to be prepared. If he is defeated, he will offer to trade Pokémon with the player, and his offer is a Shiny Blitzle with a special ribbon. A perfect reward for a well-fought battle!



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