Texan man attains Guinness World Record for largest video game collection, unofficially accruing universe’s biggest backlog

Editor’s Note: The following article was written to have a satirical and jealous sounding tone. As game collectors ourselves, the Nintendo Wire team has nothing but respect and admiration for Mr. Monteiro’s amazing achievement.  This one’s sure to make collectors and completionists alike tenuous for completely different reasons — Antonio Romero…

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Smash Chess Rematch surpasses 1 million views

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: Videos, Wii U

We’re happy to report that our Smash Chess Rematch video featuring Hero TJ and Dark TJ has surpassed a million views today! In Smash Chess the pieces move exactly traditional chess, except instead of having to surrender your piece you can defend your space. We’ve assigned a numeric value to…

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